Money does not sleep, greed does not sleep, night will fall

At the beginning of the New Year, all institutions and experts must be doing their best to sing well to the market. At this time, see the once popular “Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps”, “in the world of business, there is no eternal win and lose, only eternal humanity.”As Gordon says at the end, “Don’t push me too hard, human nature is complicated.”Money Never Sleeps because humanity lives forever.In the movie, Gordon and Bratton see money as a game, a game between people.Gordon had no regrets when he gambled away his daughter’s $100 million fund and became a financial mogul again.This from the prison after singing short stock market lost, this said that the family is the most important part of his life in the tragic, suddenly changed, and ambitiously into the former battlefield.”Money Never Sleeps” actually tells us that the film is not just about the liquidity of money from the perspective of Wall Street.”The truly great works that bring out the worst in people are the ones that make the audience shiver with fear in the dark.” That’s what American film critics said about Blood Fall, and I think it applies to other films as well.And the real deep Wall Street, should be full of blood greed.There is a river on one side and a hell on the other, where vanity and the money and power to control the world are hidden, and where justice and principle are sacrificed for it.If “Wall Street” was intended primarily to expose and criticize, the sequel “Wall Street 2”, more than 20 years later, takes the American psyche wounded by the subprime mortgage crisis as its primary task.The subtitle of the movie is “Money Never Sleeps,” which might be a more appropriate title.For those who lost everything in the subprime crisis, family and affection became the only comfort and refuge;For Oliver Stone, who used up all his talent and ideas in the first film, finding a new focus for the sequel is the key to success.It was only natural, then, to inject mainstream American values of family and kinship into the sequel.At the end of the film, in order to comfort the audience, the director tries to make Gordon Gekko, a strictly commercial rational character, feel real emotional relaxation and take the step down from the carousel to the warmth of the family. But in practical effect, the daughter’s understanding of him, and even the daughter’s reconciliation with her fiance,Still premised on a donation by Gekko, isn’t it ironic that they apparently lack other emotional triggers?Money does not sleep, greed does not sleep, night will fall.Time creates a sense of dread.No matter how far we deviate, time fear will eventually recalibrate us.

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