The end of the universe is in the system?Guan Xiaotong successfully joined the editorial, little deer is preparing for the exam for the fourth time

It turns out that the end of the universe is not in tieling, a big city, but in the system.Do not know everybody to have discovery, in last few years entertainment circle star many people spread “good news” — take an examination of make up successful shore?This can not help but let a person began to doubt, good star should not have to test system, system really so good?From the beginning, Liu Haoran was admitted to the coal mine art troupe after the news was spread, a number of stars have said that they successfully landed, now in the National Theatre of China’s public admission list, there are also two stars in the list.Entering the system has become a lot of post-90s and post-00s enthusiastic things in the impression of many elders, post-90s and post-00s are not very peaceful existence, as long as they work some unhappy don’t say fired by the boss, immediately “start strong” fired the boss.Plus a lot of 80 played the role of “model”, after graduating from university in the face of the elders to persuade the examination system, they have chosen their own direction of struggle, but also let many people do not hold too much hope for the present college students examination system.However, when the post-90s and post-00s graduate from college, a reversal has taken place.More and more college graduates are saying they want to take the exam for the civil service, coupled with job instability during the pandemic.These factors more let the college students to determine their own direction of life – take an examination of the establishment, so that in the last two years registered for the system of young people is more and more, even a lot of entertainment stars have not escaped the “true sweet law”.Guan Xiaotong successfully joined the staff, the deer fourth effort to prepare for the examination in today’s civil service exam, business exam fierce competition is obvious to all, in many popular positions even thousands of people compete for a post.Especially for some college students who have not found the right direction, if they can succeed in the exam, their future employment will not worry.Recently, the National Theatre of China announced this year’s admission list, which has attracted much attention.In this list, the name of the entertainment industry “flower, grass” also appeared in the list.Guan Xiaotong, Zhang Yixing has successfully landed the establishment.However, sources also said that Guan’s boyfriend Lu Han, who originally took the exam, has now taken it three times and has yet to land on the beach.He will continue to prepare for his fourth exam and try to get ashore as soon as possible.It is understood that the reason why Xiao Lu failed to go ashore is that the first two interviews were rejected, and the latest one was that he failed to reach the score of the written test. However, he did not give up because of this and is still trying to prepare for the exam.After hearing the news, netizens also joked: every day busy working big stars are in four battles, why not work hard?Some netizens joked: Is the end of the universe within the system?Is working in the system really that important?According to official statistics, 10.76 million new college graduates are expected to leave college in 2022, and if they enter the job market at the same time, there will be great competition for any job.Before graduation, many college students have also begun to grapple with whether they should go to the system or to work for enterprises.From my personal point of view, I think it is indeed a good choice if you have the ability to successfully enter the system.After all, the employment situation of college students is so grim, coupled with many enterprises “precarious” blind employment, there is indeed unable to find their own work, let alone make money to support themselves.Take the workplace people who have entered the social work now for example, there will certainly be many people regret that they did not fight for a job in the system after graduation from college.After all, it’s not always going to be a job loss, a pay cut, or a midlife crisis.Compared with the jobs in the system, the longer the working years are, the more stable they will be. There is still a certain space for promotion in the future, and there is no need to run around for employment.But then again, if you are not satisfied with a stable job, just want to go out to fight, then the system is not suitable for you, with the time and energy to prepare for the exam may already be in the job.Write at the end: There is an old Chinese saying “Man struggles upwards; water flows downwards”. The ultimate goal of everyone is to improve himself and climb up step by step.Stars do earn a lot of money every day, but they also seek steady jobs.College graduates may enter all walks of life in the future, and want to break out in each industry belongs to their own world, the first thing to do is to improve themselves, through continuous learning to enrich themselves, popular stars, ability will not cool, let alone us ordinary people!In the age of efforts to improve their efforts, this is everyone should have the consciousness.If you don’t change yourself, you’re stuck in a rut, and if you don’t lose your job, it probably doesn’t make sense.Today’s topic: What do you think are the reasons for the celebrity exam system?Welcome to comment and share.

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