Buying a house is a big deal, is the so-called interlaced such as mountains, insiders revealed the secret of buying a house

Buying a house is a big deal, just as the so-called industry is like a mountain, insiders revealed the secret of buying a house is really difficult to buy a house now, for young people is really a huge pressure.Buying a house is really a big deal, for many people even need to take out most of their life savings to afford it, it shows how important this matter is for a family!Just as the so-called separation is like separation, all walks of life have their own unspoken rules, such as buying a house must go to the sales department, if you do not understand their zigzagging, deceived every minute, and do not know that they are already a rat in a jar.Real estate has been booming in China for 20 years, and now it has become a relatively high proportion of China’s GDP industry. During such a long period of development, there must be hidden rules unknown to laymen.When buying a house, a lot of people will feel whether it is to go to the sales department or the intermediary company, they say the words like back in advance, each sentence is directly poke consumer psychology, so when buying a house some things must pay attention to, so as not to be deceived.The first is the average price of sales, that is, the housing price permitted by the price department. In fact, this price is only a guiding price, and the price gap is very large when it comes to each floor.Generally speaking, the average price is 20,000, aiming at the specific building number can differ by several thousand.If you look at the average price to prepare capital, it is often not enough.As to the agency company or to the sales department to buy a house, this is about to consult their real price, not because the price of distribution channels looks preferential, in fact, in the final analysis or wool out of the sheep.Secondly, it is to see quality, quality is always the theme of choosing a house, the brand quality of developers, directly determines your future housing comfort, more concerned about the change in the value of the house.It’s important to note that the developers at the top of the list don’t necessarily rank in quality, just in sales.For the choice of real estate, first of all to consider the brand developers recommended by the old owners, assuming that developers are debut in the city, it is necessary to consult the performance and people in other places.The third is to look at the housing type, because the housing type is difficult to change the day after tomorrow, so it determines your comfort level in the future, and even about the performance of the second-hand housing market.Generally speaking good door room size is more appropriate, especially the light is sufficient, area of movement and motion is distributed reasonably, especially door basically is square square is positive, what this says namely dignified and easy.As to a few irregular door model, for instance trigonometric shape, the door with the strange shape such as jagged shape had better be far away.Because the traditional cognition, courtyard or the house in the countryside, founder of atmosphere is the most basic requirements, ventilation pervious to light is the basic elements of life, and irregular family will not only give people the psychological impact of gray, and there will be some psychological suggestion, is not conducive to the physical and mental health, and also is bad to replace in the future.Common apportion area is a stem forever, it is hard to say somebody is most willing to take out the money beyond practical area more, but sound also has certain truth, you always cannot have to walk through hallway to turn over a wall directly and enter, and actually this is overlord treaty.Because the building of the house to set aside channels, but because li Ka-shing they share the area of the introduction of domestic, we also feel it is a natural thing, in fact, share this topic is now only our country unique, whether Europe and the United States or Japan and Hong Kong, share is not exist.Generally speaking, the higher the floor, the lower the housing rate, for this point, we should pay more attention to when buying a house, which is why the multi-storey house housing rate is high.The ratio of parking Spaces in the community is generally one to one, and some are slightly less. In fact, this ratio has become an important parameter to consider the suitability of the community for living.As to whether there is enough parking space in the community, you only need to walk to the parking lot after 9 p.m. to see.A good property is not only related to our living comfort, but also the value index when deciding to replace it. A good property will even improve the quality of the house, and enable our house to realize appreciation.As for the floor spacing should also cause concern, after all, it also involves the length of time our house is exposed to light, related to our living comfort perception.Good, above is what I sum up to everybody to buy a house advice, although it is all plain English, but have very strong maneuverability!What to have about the question that buys a house respect can leave a message to ask me, I will answer one by one to everybody!Have words for knowledge

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