Onmyoji: The more fire, the more no new skin, this is the game group routine

“Onmyoji” although it looks like an ordinary game, but once you become a deep user of this game, you will find that behind the seemingly calm game, there are a lot of game routines.In my four + years of playing the game, I have personally experienced countless patterns of gameplay.Although some of the rules and Settings are not written down verbatim in the game’s related activity rules, it is interesting to note that it is not explicitly stated in the rules that gives the game operators more opportunities to perform tricks.So the question is, what routines will Onmyoji use to treat players during the operation of the game?Let’s take a quick look at some of the more classic and obvious ones.01 Warehouse tube type god out of the collection, before leaving the press?I don’t know if you guys have found a rule, that is, “Onmyoji” in the online collection of skin series, the vast majority of cases will give priority to some not so popular or even unpopular type god, more even directly to the collection of skin opportunities to some warehouse administrator type god.Just to list a few typical examples, when Taki was first online, she became the first in the list of training of god and the top three in the list of fighting skills with her unique mechanism of switching from multi-skill form to multi-skill form, and taking into account group damage and single explosion.However, the good times did not last long. With the subsequent comprehensive revision of Suzuka and the change of the fighting environment, Takiki Formohime lost all her advantages in fighting for a time.Over time, Tsukiki has gradually faded from the attention of gamers.And it is in Takiyata Formohime is about to become a warehouse manager, “Onmyoji” official high profile online Takiyata Formohime’s skin never sleep.The same situation, cloud mirror has also encountered, due to the change of fighting technology environment, “three pull cloud mirror” system is no longer applicable, with the exit of cloud mirror, “Yin and Yang Master” official also in the follow-up online cloud mirror of the hidden skin floating if dream.One thing that makes people puzzled is that if the pawn skin is put online when the corresponding god is popular, there will undoubtedly be more players who come to buy pawn skin because of its popularity, but when the official chooses to put the corresponding pawn skin online when the god is cold, the number of players who choose to buy pawn skin will certainly be a lot.02 The more popular the god, the less new skin?If the cangguan god will be the first choice to launch the collection of skin, that is the opposite of another routine, “the more popular the style god, but no new skin”.This is not an empty statement, but a simple analysis based on the current state of the game.The current hot system “thousands of lanterns emperor” corresponding to three types of god Qiji, Di Shi Day and SP floating green line three are more popular type of god, but in addition to the SP floating green line lamp recently on the new skin, qiji and emperor Shi Day can only rely on awakening skin difficult to live.The same problem bedeviled Asura, who, as the first of the current large replicas, had only one awakening skin to accompany him, and was very desolate.For “Onmyoji” game related routines, do you have the same idea as me?

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