The body is very good at ordinary times, why wrestle fracture?After 50 years old raise bone, 3 kinds of meat might as well eat more

Aunt Liu lay in bed sighing and groaning. Because of her leg fracture, she had not been out of the ground for more than half a month. Thinking that she was good at singing and dancing at ordinary times, her body was very good.Liu’s son said that it was because she did not like meat, but also like young people to lose weight.Aunt Liu disagreed. She thought people should keep a good figure when they are old and be healthy only when they are vegetarian.However, lying in bed in the past half a month, she thought a lot and felt that she might have made a mistake in these years. Although she kept her figure very slim, there was obviously a lack of calcium in her bones. It seemed that she would strengthen her nutrition in the future and make up the nutrition as soon as possible.Why not recommend a long-term vegetarian diet after age 50?In order to control chronic diseases and figure, middle-aged and elderly people choose to eat vegetarian food for a long time, but it may not be healthy.First of all, the lack of high-quality protein and other nutrients in vegetarian diet is not conducive to muscle growth and qi and blood operation, easy to cause the decline of immunity, serious sarcosis will occur, become weak, lower limb weakness, easy to fall when walking.Vegetarian diet does not necessarily bring slim figure. Some people are originally fat and have a big appetite, so they will eat a lot of pasta, sweets and snacks to fill their stomachs. As a result, they consume excessive calories and increase blood sugar and blood lipids.Calcium, iron and other elements in meat are very important. They not only act on bones and muscles, but also stabilize teeth, nourish organs and hair. Long-term partial eating may lead to hormone disorders and damage to the skin and mucosal barrier.In order to maintain her figure and vegetarian partners, Liu did not know that her diet structure brought so much trouble to herself.In fact, Aunt Liu’s case is not unique. According to big data, after the age of 50, about one-third of women have a probability of osteoporosis, and in 15 years, the prevalence rate will reach more than 50%.Osteoporosis causes bones to look like loose hollowed-out structures that are prone to fracture when confronted with external forces.That’s why the patient breaks a bone after a fall.After bone injury, it will bring pain to the body. If the injury is in the hip, it may lead to spinal deformation or even disability over a long time, which not only affects the life of the patient, but also increases the burden of the family.Besides fractures, what else can osteoporosis do to the body?When the skin is sick, it will itch, bleed, redness and swelling, and when the bone is sick, it will also hurt. The patient will have pain in many joints, especially in the parts that are frequently used, such as wrist, knee, shoulder and so on. The pain makes the patients sleep restlessly, and the mood becomes very poor, and they can not live normally.Patients will find themselves shorter, easy to loose teeth, eating very painful, a meat toothache, can not bite hard things, every day sighing, from inside to outside are uncomfortable.In addition, the patient’s nails are also prone to fracture.After 50 years old raise bone, 3 kinds of meat might as well eat more healthy body does not have to be vegetarian for a long time, the doctor will not have this doctor’s advice, mostly patients misunderstand, meat can eat, but also eat healthily, so as to replenish enough calcium for the body.The first kind of meat is beef beef is very muscular, the meat is more chewing more fragrant, many people love to eat, and it has a lot of nutrition, suitable for muscle growth, calcium.Also don’t worry about eating too much will be fat, because its fat content is not high, the beef slice to eat, easy to chew and digest, also can do beef soup to eat, delicious taste and nutrition.The second kind of meat is shrimp meat for middle and old people, shrimp meat is also relatively healthy, can rest assured to eat, its protein content is high, shrimp skin calcium is more, simple boiling can eat, do not recommend frying.The third kind of meat is fish meat delicious, but some people think it thorn more trouble, there are two methods, one is to eat fish balls, another is to eat fish bone less varieties.According to breed different, adipose content differs somewhat, and still have more beneficial fatty acid, be helpful for controlling figure not only, still can adjust improve blood fat.If you are worried about getting fat, or want to control chronic diseases, try these meats. In addition, when eating them, it is better to eat them with grains and vegetables, because vegetables also have calcium supplements.Fracture in the elderly is a more troublesome thing, may be quiet for a long time to recover, but also easy to infection, depression, so, must be prevented in advance, usually to a balanced diet, although vegetables are very good, but no meat is not good, reasonable meat body will be healthier.[1] More than 200 million people in China have bone mass below normal!Many people are unaware of the dangers of osteoporosis.[2] Osteoporosis occurs in 51.6% of women over 65 years of age.[3] It is not advisable for the elderly to blindly eat vegetarian food.Health China Net.2021-01-25[4] Several hazards of osteoporosis.2020-11-03 kwangmyong.

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