Apple 15.4 System experience

The long-awaited 15.4 system has been updated for a long time. I believe that many of you are running to unlock its face mask.15.4 has been updated for half a month, in this half a month is often used to face unlock, use N times a day, with a 15.3 system before each time to unlock all need to take off mask to be used to unlock phone, only after received the content of the 15.4 update has been looking forward to apple’s push as early as possible, not half a month ago and updated to 15.4,Update 15.4 system to tell the truth really is disappointed, say good masks unlock frequently, an accident, but sometimes thought is affected the face mask with too face of the play, the results will have tried many times and the situation of the chain, although say to unlock it, you can pick it masks the things didn’t make much difference, but still there will be some loss, say good masks to unlock.Secondly, under the condition of updating 15.4, there is no difference or major change from 15.3.1. Fever and power loss still do not feel much change and I do not feel those changes. The only thing is that it is annoying to unlock the mask chain.Hopefully apple’s next update will actually address this face issue.At the same time, this mask unlocking only supports apple 12 after the model, the model before 12 is not supported, if your model is before 12, do not update, just have a look, today’s 15.4 to share with you here, you update 15.4 system with your feelings and feelings about the interaction of message interaction.

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