Foshan Gaoming: people’s livelihood small case quick detection of a number of quick detection auxiliary police commendation

Article, figure/Yangcheng Evening News all media reporter Liang Zhengjie correspondent Yuan Wu 3 hours cracked the theft of young trees, and will be stolen items back to the owner;Detected the wire theft within 6 hours and recovered 15,000 wires for the owner…Recently, Foshan Gaoming public security commended a group of auxiliary police outstanding performance in the work of breaking small cases.In the past year, thanks to the efforts of the quick investigation police and auxiliary police, the detection rate and recovery rate of small cases concerning people’s livelihood have both hit record highs.In the past year, Gaoming public security handed in a heavy “report card” in the work of breaking small cases: cracked 819 cases of contact robbery and fraud, 552 cases for the whole year to restore the loss, pull loss rate of 67.4%, the case detection rate, pull loss rate have reached a new record.This is inseparable from a love and dedication behind the team – “fast detection fast break” auxiliary police team.Under the leadership of the police, they carried out research and judgment of clues, investigation and visits, ambush and arrest, and recovery of stolen goods, making important contributions to protecting people’s peace.Recently, gaoming public security according to the work performance, in the criminal investigation brigade, the police station “fast investigation fast break” auxiliary police team, the selection of 7 annual “fast investigation star”, to further set an example, stimulate team morale.Fast investigation small story: 1, familiar with the jurisdiction practice “living map” on November 25, 2021, sanzhou Desheng Road a shop stolen cash.After receiving the report, Gao Ming public security immediately carried out investigation, criminal investigation brigade quick investigation team auxiliary police Huang Jieyong with their own area “social situation” familiar with the advantage, quickly lock the position of the suspect, 2 hours successfully captured the suspect, and for the main loss.2, a “black shadow” lock suspects on October 7, 2021, someone stolen property in Dajian Village.Ming City police station fast investigation team auxiliary Police Chen Haidong many visits, repeated evidence, and finally learned from the masses, 500 meters outside the site had appeared a “black shadow”.Chen Haidong from this start, after the successful arrest of suspects.In September 2021, Yang and auxiliary police Huang Zefang of the police station fast investigation team learned during daily visits to the masses that a man had repeatedly tried to open the door of a rented house, which left more than a mind.Through tracking along the line, follow the trail, in just 3 hours quickly detect a burglary case, quickly remove hidden dangers of public security.Source | yangcheng evening news · Yang cheng sent coordinating editor | Huang Tiean

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