Twelve flower god outing immersive interactive experience “Faunte Flower God Garden Party” started

On April 2, taiyuan Fangte Oriental God Painting Park, which was selected as one of the first provincial night culture and tourism consumption cluster areas in Our province, was full of joy and laughter. The theme activity “Fangte Flower God Garden Party” kicked off happily on that day.At the same time, the park after a winter “dormant” project “Meng Jiangnu” also returned on the same day.From April 3 to 5, Taiyuan Fangte launched the “Fangte Flower Goddess Garden Party”, in which 12 flower gods join together to explore the spring. Tourists can interact with the flowers and enjoy the beautiful scenery in the park.At that time, twelve flower god will lead tourists to worship the flower god ceremony, place good wishes, experience a different Han ceremony.In the park, there are many interactive activities, such as drawing flower sign, flower treasure and flower twinkle, to add more colors to this spring.Spring market will also open in surprise, and you can choose seasonal goods such as tufted fans, oil-paper umbrellas and flower hairsticks.The evening performance of “Flowers In Spring” and the brilliant light show will also be staged on the small holiday night to bring more fun to visitors.Since the opening of taiyuan Fangte Park, Meng Jiangnu has won high praise from tourists and has been promoted as one of the must-play items in the park.As one of the four love legends in China, Meng Jiangnu tells the touching love between Meng Jiangnu and her husband Wan Xiliang.The project integrates a variety of leading theme entertainment technology, in the theater that can accommodate more than one thousand audiences, through the combination of virtual and real high-tech performance stage and original program control magic brick technology, realistic interpretation of the Great Wall collapse shock moment, presenting a majestic audio-visual feast for the audience, reproducing the faithful love story.This time, “Meng Jiang Nu” in the lighting effect, program control magic brick technology, choreography three aspects have a new improvement, at the same time for the actors every movement, every expression are carefully polished, to ensure that every second performance can present a perfect effect.During the short holiday, Taiyuan Fangte will strictly follow the overall epidemic prevention requirements of “limit, reservation and off-peak”, strengthen booking management, do a good job in traffic risk prediction, and strengthen on-site off-peak and off-peak management. The daily reception of the park will not exceed 50% of the maximum reception.During the small holiday, Taiyuan Fangte business hours from 10:00 to 20:00, 10 hours of fun and fun, happy non-stop.Source: Shanxi Daily client

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