These days to see a TV drama is better (to have a good meal with you) Zheng Qiuhong played

Zheng Qiuhong looked very small did not think of 90 years of little sister, long is also very cute.A few days ago I looked at a TV play is mango station put, called to accompany you to have a good meal together to listen to the name of the feeling particularly rubbish not good-looking.The heroine is a girl who doesn’t want to work overtime and get promoted. Her biggest hope every day is to spend time with her mother. She is optimistic, positive, caring, and likes cooking and singing.Male is a workaholic, do not like to communicate, cold outside hot inside, female boss.Coincidence under she became male master assistant, did not think of seemingly, every day when she actually work ability so strong, good at communication, soft text also write good, cooking delicious, and who are very good.Male hero from the Japanese body to see a different attitude to life slowly change, slowly like the Japanese.I like Zheng Qiuhong, the little sister, from the beginning (Penglaijian) in the TV series to recognize her, she is not tall, looking at the sweet, especially the iconic smile, very infectious, give a person a very warm feeling.I fell in love with the actress.

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