Visit the retired cadres and the police in difficulty in Yingshan County

On the occasion of the Spring Festival in the Year of the Tiger, the Procuratorate of Yingshan County organized a series of activities to send care and greetings to the retired cadres and the police in the hospital, so as to create a united and harmonious, warm and peaceful festive atmosphere.On January 29, the People’s Procuratorate of Yingshan County held a forum to convey the care of the Party and the government during the Spring Festival.At the meeting, Meng Hongping sent condolence money and New Year’s greetings to the difficult police, and had a cordial conversation with the difficult police, to understand the work and life of the difficult police in detail.He also highly appraised and praised the spirit of overcoming difficulties, loving their jobs and sticking to the front line of handling cases, and encouraged police officers to face life optimistically, make persistent efforts in their work and continue to make greater contributions to the development of the procuratorial cause.The policemen who received condolences expressed that in the New Year, they would continue to stick to their posts, work hard, and actively face life, and respond to the organization and leadership’s deep care and ardent expectations with excellent work achievements.In order to fully reflect the care and warmth of the party group of the hospital, The Secretary of the Party group of Yingshan County Procuratorate, Chief Procurator Meng Hongping, wu Bo, deputy director of the political department visited the retired cadres of the hospital on the eve of the Spring Festival, and sent them the condolence money and holiday greetings and blessings.At the scene, Meng Hongping had cordial talks with retired senior cadres and carefully learned about their health, living conditions and practical difficulties. He also introduced the progress of the current procuratorial work, the achievements achieved and the work plan for 2022 to the senior cadres in detail and listened to their suggestions and opinions seriously.Meng Hongping, on behalf of the party group of the Academy, thanked the retired cadres for their care and support for the procuratorial work, and told them to take good care of their health. He hoped that they would continue to care for and support the procuratorial work and put forward more valuable opinions and suggestions.The retired senior cadres fully affirmed and spoke highly of the work achievements of yingshan County Procuratorate, and expressed their continued concern and support for the procuratorial work of Yingshan County, and continued to exert their spare energy and contribute to the work.At the same time, Meng Hongping and his delegation visited the homes of retired cadres with financial difficulties and sent them condolence money and New Year’s greetings.And with the veteran cadres cordial conversation, carefully understand their body and life situation, asked them to take care of the body, happy old.”Party members, party committee secretary of the city’s procuratorate JingYongGuo line of procuratorial visit the camp mountain sympathy difficult policemen low specific tasks Substantial work sessions – YingShan County procuratorate to carry out the national prosecutor (expand) conference spirit low speak mandarin Civilization speaking – YingShan County procuratorates promote mandarin concentrated training will make:Wang Sihui, I want to hear your voice: “Spread the voice of procuratorial work, tell the story of procuratorial work”If there is a source marked wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact this network, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.

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