Attention!From today, a new round of limit rotation!(With the latest reminder)

From April 6 onwards, limited number rotation!The last number of the vehicle license plate is divided into five groups, 7:00-19:00 on weekdays from Monday to Friday;Statutory holidays and public holidays are not limited.Small passenger vehicles, non-operating passenger vehicles and light and miniature cargo vehicles (including those with foreign and temporary license plates) will be subject to the restriction in rotation on a daily basis. The last digit of the license plate number will prevail.The road in the driving restriction area for which the medium and heavy trucks have been issued with the implementation permit shall be carried out in accordance with the driving restriction provisions.1. Buses, taxis, long-distance passenger vehicles (including tourist buses), special vehicles for the disabled, school buses approved by the public security traffic control department and commuter buses with Bus Pass issued by the public security traffic control department;2. Police cars, fire engines, ambulances, military vehicles, engineering emergency vehicles;3. Special operation vehicles for sanitation, garden and road maintenance, special funeral vehicles, special postal vehicles, special repair vehicles, emergency vehicles holding the emergency Repair Permit issued by the public security traffic management department;4. Pure electric vehicles, plug-in hybrid electric vehicles and fuel cell vehicles with legal license plates;Other approved emergency vehicles.Punishment for driving restriction Those who violate the regulations on driving restriction shall be punished with a fine of 100 YUAN.

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