How will CTLIP develop in the future?Suggestions from the industry

Recently, under the academic guidance of China Tourism Academy and sponsored by Qichuang Tourism Group and Jingyu Lvmama Group, the “sixth China Culture and Tourism IP Conference” was held online. More than 60 companies made suggestions and suggestions for creating characteristic culture and tourism IP and realizing high-quality development of culture and tourism industry, attracting nearly 500,000 online viewers.Dai Bin, president of the China Tourism Academy, said IP is the key for tourism enterprises to improve their competitiveness and influence, and a key driving force for innovation and development of the tourism industry.To develop tourism IP with Chinese characteristics, we should adhere to the people-centered promotion of positive energy, and carry out innovative transformation and creative inheritance of excellent culture.We should adhere to scientific and technological innovation and make full use of the new driving force of digitalization.We should give full play to the decisive role of the market in resource allocation.To focus on national strategy and local development, tourism IP is sure to have a bright future.Wei Xiaoan, chief expert of World Tourism Cities Federation and president of Leisure and Vacation Branch of China Tourism Association, believes that the cultivation and building of cultural and tourism IP should pay attention to five aspects: first, adhere to the long-term doctrine and form accumulation;2. Deal with the relationship between heavy and heavy assets and explore the market;Third, strengthen technological innovation and develop a school of its own;4. Dig deep into market demand and be deep and specialized;Five, adhere to the “three products” : supply by quality, demand to keep taste, and eventually become a brand.Xu Pan, member of the Committee of Tourism Experts of the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), thinks that in the future, the tourism market will be dominated by internal circulation. Tourists will demand domestic tourism destinations with relatively mature tourism concepts and promote the development of domestic tourism destinations towards the international level.At present, tourism products are facing the challenge of “co-production” and tourism promotion is facing the challenge of “user-generated content”. The new generation calls for new marketing and new reform.Mr. Cheng Weidong, deputy Director of Macau Government Tourist Office, shared macau’s experience in developing tourist sources and new economy.Since 2020, Macao has promoted the recovery of its tourism market by introducing e-coupons, developing local and boutique tourism products, and innovating online and offline marketing.Macau Week, held in hangzhou, Chengdu, Chongqing and other cities, attracted more than 2 million offline participants.Deputy director-general of the ningxia hui autonomous region culture and tourism hall Cai Ju introduced “the hometown of stars” IP brand build logic, the combination of characteristic resources in ningxia practice the concept of “green water castle peak is the jinshan silver”, promote the starry sky holiday and the Great Wall, the Yellow River, such as cultural integration, rich cultural connotation, to play a “travel +” and “+ tourism” linkage advantage, support key industries in ningxia development.The cultural and tourism sectors “recovered slowly and changed profoundly” last year, said Zhou Bing, party secretary and chairman of Shaanxi Tourism Group Co LTD.This year, SHAANXI Tourism Group will continue to deploy technology + tourism, cultural and tourism integration and other aspects to promote the recovery of the enterprise.Zhang Dehui, secretary of the Party Committee and chairman of Huangshan Tourism Development Co., LTD., said that at present, the most important thing is to “strengthen confidence and face the future”, focus on cost control and management reform, practice internal skills, graft new technology, insight into new needs, master new methods, and actively embrace the “double carbon strategy”.Zhang Qi, general manager of Merlin Entertainment Group (Short tour) In China, believes that creating its own IP and establishing unique brand attributes can help scenic spots stand out and improve their ability to resist risks when epidemic prevention and control becomes normal.Strong diversified IP matrix is conducive to achieve short-term investment returns and long-term steady growth.Gan Yongfu, vice chairman and secretary general of the World Rural Tourism Conference and chairman of the Asia-pacific Rural Tourism Alliance, talked about various models and experiences of rural tourism development in Huzhou.He believes that the way to build rural tourism IP should lead the rural tourism industry to cluster development with scientific planning, lead the rural tourism industry to personalized development with industrial characteristics, and lead the rural tourism products to brand development with market orientation.Rural tourism IP should enhance three characteristics: unique rural tourism exclusive patent, unique rural tourism brand identity, unique rural tourism culture recognition.Lu Jun, deputy general manager of Nanjing Tourism Group, introduced the process that Nanjing Tourism Group created “Legend of Yangtze River” riverside cruise IP and promoted nanjing water tourism from “Qinhuai River Era” to “Yangtze River era”.Lu Jun believes that the flow property of cultural IP is very strong, which can create commercial value as well as industrial value.Li Yongshun, general manager of Shanghai Ruiqin Culture Development Co., LTD., founder of Mango Detective Hall, introduced the development mode of “venue +AR”.Li Yongshun believes that the joint development with scenic spots can not only enrich the product categories of traditional scenic spots, but also spread the characteristic cultural connotation of scenic spots.Zhou Anbin, chairman of JIDONG Digital Creative Shares, believes that the city can be transformed into a large digital culture theme park based on the AR and MR technologies that enable the virtual and real to coexist, allowing tourists to pass through the AR channel and convert it into private flow, and then realize commercial realization through intelligent recommendation to tourists.Zhou Qinfen, general manager of ZTE XR products, believes that digitalization can solve the current culture and tourism development in more pain points, such as IP presentation and dissemination of physical objects, weak interaction, tour guide information one-way transmission, business experience by time, environment and weather.At present, the digital development of culture and tourism industry is the general trend.The organizing committee of the Chinese literature brigade IP conference, tourism group chairman, JingYu HongQingHua, founder of the donkey mother group, said the traveller to emancipate the mind, to spend more energy to study different market segments, especially to lead in the market, the younger generation in the products, operations, branding is more heart, associated with customers to form a mental, and emotional communication.The integration of science, technology, culture and tourism has become even more urgent as the epidemic prevention and control is becoming normal.The support of science and technology will accelerate the development of excellent culture and ideas into new IP products, new forms of business and new experiences, which will help reduce enterprise innovation and operating costs and improve the ability to resist risks.With the huge application and consumption of culture and tourism, new scientific and technological products can be quickly launched and obtain economic benefits, which is conducive to the research and development and promotion of new technologies and boosts the implementation of the strategy of becoming a scientific and technological power.The integration of culture, tourism and science brings out the best in each other.The high-quality development of cultural and tourism industry requires a group of super IP representing Chinese characteristics and leading level.To cultivate and create cultural and tourism IP, we need to seek IP creative inspiration and theme from excellent culture, but also need to turn creativity into content and experience with the help of science and technology.It is necessary to establish the concept of a community with a shared future for the industry, in which all links, such as planning, investment, construction, transportation and marketing, are responsible for each other and achieve win-win development.It is necessary to make use of IP’s huge flow and brand charm to empower related industries and give full play to multiplication effect.It needs to adhere to the long-term doctrine, IP needs long-term investment and historical examination, shaping into a classic.(Written by: China Tourism News trainee reporter Bernard;Editing: Song Yuqiu)

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