Zhang Jie company was owed 10 million yuan for the concert, the other party had no property to execute, and the legal person was detained

Zhejiang Dongyang Xingyunxing Film and Television Culture Co., LTD., a company associated with singer Zhang Jie, recently added an executive order, according to an official platform.It is reported that the executive order is related to the contract dispute of Zhang Jie’s concert. Ningbo Yixiang Tiankai Cultural Communication Co., Ltd. has defaulted on the payment of 10 million yuan originally payable to Zhang Jie’s concert. Therefore, the company related to Zhang Jie applies to the relevant department for execution, and the execution target is 10 million yuan and the corresponding interest.According to the public information, because the company refused to fulfill the execution target and did not report the property, the relevant department of the legal person of the company made the decision of detention for 15 days and a fine of 1,000 yuan.Authorities also put Yixiang Tiankai on a list of people subject to enforcement for trust-breaking and restricted consumption.This matter once reported will cause hot discussion, Zhang Jie’s fans have left a message under each major media account, accusing the company of cheating Zhang Jie, but there are also netizens as Zhang Jie arrears others pay, zhang Shouted, make a joke.Since his debut, Zhang jie has been trying to improve his singing ability, and he tries to give his best performance every time on stage.Earlier, he was injured in a concert accident. He should have gone to the hospital immediately, but he kept singing until the end.I hope that yixiang tiankai company will repay the payment as soon as possible, and also hope that Zhang Jie can bring more good songs in the future.

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