Beijing Traffic management bureau: suggest flexible work and off-peak travel next week

All units are urged to actively implement flexible working system, and the public is advised to pay attention to the event arrangements, reduce travel and green travel.Tomorrow (Feb 7) will be the first working day after the Spring Festival holiday, and traffic restrictions will be imposed on April 4 and September 9, which is expected to cause severe traffic pressure during the morning rush hour.Beijing traffic management department has learned that February 7 is the first day of the Winter Olympics competition day and the working day, the Olympic special lane will also be used peak, traffic management department will take temporary traffic management measures on some roads.On February 7, several competitions will be held at the National Aquatics Center, Capital Gymnasium, Shougang Ski platform, Wukesong Sports Center, National Speed Skating Hall and National Gymnasium, and temporary traffic management measures will be taken on surrounding roads in due course.Olympic lane will also usher in the peak use, the north fifth Ring Road jianting Bridge to Olin West Bridge, the west section of the North second Ring road outer ring direction, Fushi Road into Beijing direction, airport expressway into Beijing direction, in the road set up the Olympic lane, traffic pressure is more prominent, more obvious in the morning.We suggest that you pay attention to the event schedule and real-time traffic information, work flexibly and travel off-peak.The morning and evening peak pressure on weekdays after the holiday is high. It is expected that the second, third and fourth ring roads, the east, west and north fifth rings, the east sixth Ring Road, Caihuying South Road, Jianwai Street, Tonghui Hebei Road, Xizhimen North Street, Wanquanhe Road, Lianshi East Road, Lianhuachi West Road and other urban roads,Beijing-cheng-beijing Expressway, Beijing-Tibet Expressway, Airport Expressway, Lianshi Road, Beijing-Tong Expressway and other expressways will have large traffic flow in the direction of Beijing, while the nodes of Xiaojiahe Bridge, Tianningsi Bridge and other bridge areas will have slow traffic flow.In previous years, the week after the Spring Festival holiday, Beijing Railway Station, Beijing West Railway Station, Beijing South Railway Station, Beijing North Railway Station, Beijing Chaoyang Railway Station, Qinghe Railway Station, Capital Airport, Daxing Airport and other passenger terminals will see peak passenger flow.Recently, the airport expressway traffic pressure is relatively large, from the airport back to Beijing citizens advised to check the real-time road conditions, try to choose to take the airport express rail back to the city.According to the traffic management department, the Spring Festival holiday is coming to an end, and the Peak season of the Olympic Games will start from February 7.In order to ensure the smooth and orderly traffic of the Winter Olympics, all units are encouraged to actively implement the flexible working system, and citizens are advised to pay attention to the event arrangements, reduce travel and green travel, and give way to the winter Olympics security vehicles when driving out, fully displaying the hospitality, civilization and politeness of the host of the “Double Olympics City”.It also reminds us once again that motor vehicles can use the special bus lane when the Olympic special lane is in use if there is a special bus lane on the Olympic special lane.At the same time, urban commuters are advised to stagger the rush hour.In winter morning and evening peak, traffic flow is concentrated in all loops and connecting lines in the urban area, while the nodes in bridge area travel slowly and the traffic pressure continues to be large.Trip before pay attention to the Beijing police released through official weibo, radio and so on real-time traffic information, the north and west during the rush hour to avoid the city 4th ring, the rings, the Beijing ceremony high-speed, high-speed beijing-tibet expressway, airport road, such as travel advice in advance or wrong after at least half an hour, subway and other public transportation when commuting please get personal health protection.The editor on duty, Daniel

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