Repeat of washing powder incident?Russia has been backed into a corner by a series of unexplained explosions in eastern Ukraine

The situation in Ukraine has improved since Russia announced a partial withdrawal of troops from the border on February 16, but this is not the scenario the United States wants.Ukraine has been shelling rebel-held areas in eastern Ukraine since Monday in violation of the ceasefire agreement, followed by a counter-attack in Donetsk and Luhansk.The latest news shows that fighting has spread to Russia, two Ukrainian shells fell and exploded in Russia, the “Donetsk Republic” leader declared that the situation in Donbass is heading towards war, Ukraine is ready to invade at any time.The following is a picture of the aftermath of Ukraine’s shelling of Donbas. In the picture, the railway was directly blown off, which shows that the Ukrainian government forces have no distinction in the choice of targets, even civilian infrastructure, if it can paralyze the armed forces in Eastern Ukraine.From the tracks near the crater analysis, crater diameter of more than 1.2 m, would be to use the 122 mm or even 152/155 of a millimeter heavy artillery, compared to a few times before the bombing and strengthened the efforts, so this time the situation is more serious than in previous years, not just playacting, are likely to be the precursor to Ukraine’s government forces launched a comprehensive attack.The Ukrainian government forces moved up, the Russian nature can only see the move, they also began to prepare for the full.Russia’s Black Sea Fleet recently carried out a large-scale exercise in the Black Sea, with the flagship Of the Glorious Moscow cruiser firing live ammunition in a high-profile display, according to the ministry of Defense on the early morning of March 18.The formal subject of the exercise is to repel an enemy air attack on a naval base, but in fact it is to fear that if Ukraine were to attack, NATO fleets would stab Crimea in the back, leaving Russian forces fighting on two fronts.In this exercise, the Russian frigate Moskovskii used AK130 and AK630 close-in guns to launch air and surface attacks, and the scene was quite shocking.In the video released by the public, the Moscow, the veteran’s style is still the same, especially 16 P1000 volcanic rock supersonic anti-ship missiles on both sides of the ship is to make people feel the pressure on the face.Now that the Russian Navy has no aircraft carrier to use, the Glorious cruiser has become the backbone of the battle group against the American carrier. In the narrow waters of the Black Sea, Russia has the cover of ground-based aviation and air defense forces. It is not clear whether the Moskva or the Nimitz-class carrier will win.Of course, the Moskva’s high-profile appearance is just an appetizer. Starting on The 19th, Russia’s strategic deterrent force exercises will be held in multiple military regions simultaneously, this time in the wake of Russia’s repeated kite-flying by Ukraine.According to the exercise plan, Russia’s Poplar M missile, light boat submarine-launched ballistic missile and dagger hypersonic missile will all fire live rounds, demonstrating the Russian military’s strategic strike capability in all aspects.In addition to deterring possible war provocations with strategic forces, the Russian front line conventional military forces have also started frequent mobilization.A video circulating on the Internet shows three Russian T80 battle tanks leaving Tamarovka railway station on the Russian border on Monday and immediately moving west to the Russian-Ukrainian front.At the same time.Another video shows that Russia has also built three new field airfields on the Border with Ukraine, which can accommodate nearly 100 transport and attack helicopters at a time, and that a torrent of ground armor and air assault clusters are all ready to be ordered.There are signs that the Russian army, after announcing its partial withdrawal on February 16, is now resuming its surge of troops to the front in various ways and actively preparing for war.America says Russia now has 190,000 troops on its border with Ukraine, the largest buildup in Europe since the second world war, and perhaps a sign that a major war may be inevitable.So who has the upper hand in this TUG of war between the US and Russia, and will it really start?Russia doesn’t have a very good way to respond to the U.S. firing on Ukraine. After all, NATO’s military front is directly on Russia’s border, and the U.S. can easily operate it, because there is no threat to the U.S. mainland.Judging by Russia’s recent troop movements, they may have lost patience for a negotiated settlement, because Ukraine is too much like a mangy dog. If you hit it, it will retreat, and when you stop, it will bark at you.To such a neighbor, only through thorough pain and fear can we let him know who is the real friend and who is the real enemy.Russia’s withdrawal was intended to ease tensions and prepare for a negotiated settlement in eastern Ukraine, since war is also the worst option for Russia.However, the United States did not allow Russia to retreat, and Ukraine began shelling. Who would believe it if it was not the United States behind the mischief?The Strategic goal of the Americans is very clear, that is, they will resolutely not let Russia and Ukraine solve the east Ukraine issue peacefully. It is not impossible to kill Russia little by little without fighting and discord like now, but the time will be too long, the United States can not wait, because they have to spare their hands to deal with China.So russia-Ukraine war, and the best fight is the best plan, this can quickly consume Russia’s national strength, but also on the pretext of aggression to further unite with other countries to sanction Russia.Some say that in order to start a war with Russia, the United States is all that short of attacking Ukraine itself, which is true, but the United States is clearly using a more sophisticated laundry detergent tactic.At present, Russia to Europe east Ukraine natural gas pipeline and donetsk government buildings have been unexplained explosions, Ukrainian government forces and east Ukraine armed began to pour dirty water on each other, further escalation of conflict.In that case, if the armies on the front line clash with each other a little bit more, a full-scale war will soon begin, and Russia cannot afford to be left alone.Sometimes you really have to admire the AMERICANS, who muddle the waters more than the British did.The latest news shows that now eastern Ukraine has begun a full wartime mobilization, the militia and reserves issued weapons, a lot of Russian volunteers have also come to the front to support, the tension has been close to the zero boundary point.The situation of no fighting and no harmony between Eastern Ukraine in recent years may really come to an end. Due to the intervention of various forces, the conflicted Russia-Ukraine issue has been difficult to be solved through peace talks and can only end in war.

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