Seven star pass district: promote rural toilets to improve the living environment of the masses

The implementation of rural toilet reform is an important way to comprehensively promote rural revitalization.In order to improve rural living environment, and continuously improving the quality of people life, seven stars the rural toilet area change as an important people’s livelihood project, combined with the current rural residential environment renovation work effectively, adjust measures to local conditions, overall arrangement, elaborate organization, guide the masses the good hygienic habit, improve rural living environment improvement effect, effectively enhance the broad masses of the acquisition, happiness,Good results have been achieved.”We used to use dry toilets. They stink in summer and cold in winter.I want to change, but I haven’t made up my mind.Now, through the publicity of the town and the community cadres, we all know that the flush toilet is clean, beautiful, hygienic and convenient. Now everyone is very active and many people want to change it.”Walking into wang Delin’s bathroom in Cat Cave community, He Guantun town, the ground and walls are covered with neat tiles, and the water heater, squat toilet, water tank and wash table are all ready.Looking at the new toilet, Wang Delin was very satisfied.In order to let the rural toilet reform is more accepted by the masses, in recent years, He Guantun town organized cadres to go to the village, face to face to explain the policy, point to point to eliminate doubts, so that the purpose, significance and role of rural toilet reform household name, deeply popular.”Toilet renovation and harmless disposal of feces are of great significance to the prevention of many infectious diseases and the improvement of rural living environment.We continue to increase the rural toilet health knowledge publicity, improve the awareness rate of the people, let them actively participate in the process.”He Guantun town cat cave community deputy director Xu Chunyan said.It is understood that in order to ensure rural toilet to obtain actual effect, seven stars through a variety of measures to increase the toilet in a work area to work in propaganda, make full use of radio, banner, initiative and a variety of forms such as brochures, publicity of human settlement environment change regulation, especially the rural toilet to improve farmers’ quality of life and health level of the important role and stimulate the enthusiasm of the masses.”In the past, toilets were infested with mosquitoes, smelled bad, had poor lighting, and the elderly in my family were older, so it was very inconvenient to go to the toilet.Now into a flush toilet, not only to solve the problem of smell and mosquitoes, now at night toilet is also very convenient.I installed a water heater so I can take a shower after farm work.Zhang Jian, a resident of Weijiatun community in Daxinqiao street, has experienced the changes in his life for one year.In the process of renovation, Daxinqiao Street adheres to the principle of adapting measures to local conditions and scientific guidance, from point to surface, from the outside to the inside, changing both facilities and bad hygiene habits, so as to truly do a good job in the renovation of rural toilets, and make solid progress in the renovation of rural toilets, and add luster to the revitalization of rural areas.”Our community is planning scientifically and planning early.Organized and held rural toilet improvement deployment meetings for many times, conveyed the spirit of the meeting of superior toilet improvement work, scheduled and deployed the current work progress, and ensured the control of the whole process of work.We will work together from the top to the bottom and go door to door to make sure that the work is done in a down-to-earth way.”Big new bridge street Wei Jiatun community party branch secretary Nie kaigui told reporters.In recent years, Qixingguan District, on the basis of consolidating and improving the results of poverty alleviation, takes the implementation of the rural revitalization strategy as an opportunity to build a beautiful and livable new countryside as the goal, plans ahead, and fully promotes the construction and renovation of rural toilets.”The rural toilet revolution is a key issue in the improvement and improvement of rural living environment, a basic issue and a key work of the improvement and improvement of rural living environment.In 2021, qixingguan district built or renovated 11,760 rural household toilets, covering 78.08 percent of all rural households.In the next step, we will make overall planning and scientific implementation from ideological understanding, cultural concepts, policies and measures to make our work more standardized, humanized, economical and long-term, and effectively enhance people’s happiness and create tangible benefits for them.”Seven star pass district agriculture and rural bureau party members, deputy director Li Zuoyong said.(Li Mi) (Editor: Li Yongxin, Chen Kangqing)

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