Latest road conditions: shangluo expressway toll station entrance closed

Shangluo Tai-news: Today (February 7) at 8:00 a.m., the reporter learned from shaanxi West Transportation 12122 microblog, so far due to the impact of the weather, shangluo in a number of high-speed entrance of all toll stations closed, details are as follows: 1.Shangluo, Banqiao, Yaoshi and Huayang toll stations in the West Business section of shanghai-Shaanxi Expressway were closed in both directions.2. The entrance of all toll stations along the Commercial section of Fuzhou-Yinchuan Expressway is closed.Lanshang Section shangluo west, Nanchengzi, Yangxi toll station entrance closed, vehicles to The direction of Xi ‘an from shangzhou hub diversion to xishang expressway.3. The entrance of all toll stations of Shuiyang Expressway is closed. Vehicles bound for Shanyang direction will be diverted from Shanyang toll station to get off the expressway.4. The entrance of toll gates on the Commercial section of shanghai-Shaanxi Expressway was closed, and roads from Shangluo East to Dihua in xi ‘an were closed.

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