Surging power, trumpchi new second generation GS8 welcome to taste

Gac Chuanqi Jilin Into Qi shop New Year’s Eve welcome car shopping festival!★ Certified second-hand car service, free evaluation, some models can enjoy high subsidies!★★ Provide free test drive service, for you to enjoy the test drive experience, and exquisite gifts to you!★★★ some models can send multiple maintenance!★★★★ shop maintenance vehicles, you can enjoy free scooter service, all the owners worry about travel!★★★★★ (two card loan) ID card, driver’s license, approval only 15 minutes.★★★★ old customers repurchase and introduce new customers more pleasant surprise gift!★★★★★★★ special hotline: 400-125-4959, call more surprise!To gaC Chuanqi Jilin Into Qi 4S shop to buy a car to let you rest assured peace of mind!Address: No. 28 Hunchun North Street, Changyi District, Jilin City!Sales hotline: 0432-62223456!

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