Hunan’s transportation investment exceeded 17.6 billion yuan in the first quarter and five highway projects were completed and opened to traffic within the year

Hunan provincial traffic investment in the first quarter of 17.6 billion yuan 5 highway projects to ensure the completion of the year to open to traffic all media reporter Peng Kx, correspondent Yuan Dongwei Hunan Daily on April 3 (all media reporter Peng Kx, correspondent Yuan Dongwei) Hunan Provincial Department of Traffic and Transportation released the first quarter of the traffic investment situation.From January to March, the total investment of fixed assets in transportation in the province was 17.621 billion yuan, 178.10% of that in the same period last year (9.894 billion yuan).The provincial department of Transport plans to invest 100 billion yuan in transport this year.In March this year, the provincial investment in fixed assets of transportation completed 8.177 billion yuan.Among them, fixed assets investment of 4.574 billion yuan, 1.258 billion yuan, 1.097 billion yuan, 950 million yuan, 295 million yuan and 0.03 million yuan were completed in expressways, national and provincial trunk lines, rural roads, stations and yards, water transport and informatization.At present, in the 14th Five-Year Plan, 20 expressway projects are to be started, and 17 projects are in full advance.Preliminary work has also been started on 15 high-grade waterway projects and 8,328 kilometers of national and provincial highways to be upgraded.We will ensure that major projects to be launched this year can proceed as quickly as possible and as efficiently as possible.According to the preliminary work progress, we can ensure lei Yi capacity expansion, Jin Li capacity expansion, Guangxi new 3 highway projects, 1200 kilometers of ordinary national and provincial roads and yongheng level 3 channel 3 2 channel projects, as well as Zhuzhou Datang Huayin supporting wharf projects and other major projects such as 4 port wharf projects start construction on schedule.We will vigorously promote projects under construction.Currently accelerating the hengyong, White new, Li Lou and other 23 highway construction projects under construction, Pingwu, Wu Yi, Ningshao, Jiangshan, Chenglingji 5 highway projects to ensure the completion of the year open to traffic;Steady progress will be made in the construction of 4,080 kilometers of national and provincial highways, and 800 kilometers will be completed within the year.We will upgrade 5,000 kilometers of rural roads in an orderly manner.Solid progress has been made in the construction of 35 comprehensive passenger and freight hubs, 56 general passenger and freight stations, 114 three-level logistics systems, 22 tourist highway service areas, and 58 urban public transport projects.Vigorously promote the construction of key projects such as shi Li Waterway and the second phase of Yongheng Third-class waterway to ensure the completion of the first phase of yongheng third-class waterway within the year.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address:

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