Medium station: warm!Warm!Warm!Wind and snow cold winter to serve the masses warm people

The Spring Festival of the Year of the Tiger is approaching. In order to send the care and warmth of the Party and the government to the families of women in difficulties at the grassroots level and pass on the care of the “mother family”, the Women’s Federation of Li Feng Street has recently carried out the Spring Festival condolence activities for women in difficulties in the area combined with the party members’ joint household work.The staff came to the people’s homes and talked with them, asking about the preparations for the Spring Festival goods and the actual difficulties and needs, encouraging them to keep up their spirits, strengthen their confidence, actively overcome the immediate difficulties, and face life with an optimistic attitude.At the same time, condolence items were sent to them to help women in need and families in need get more social support.Next, Lifeng Street women’s Federation will organize and carry out more caring activities, give full play to the advantage of the word “united”, organize and mobilize the strength of all sectors of society to participate in the caring work of families in difficulty, and actively do good things for more people, do practical things.In order to avoid the masses due to the snow caused travel inconvenience, On January 22, Zhu Village street organs cadres, cadres of the village two committees, cleaners carried out a unique snow clearing action.In spite of the cold weather, we were in full mood, working together and cooperating with each other. Our busy figures made up a beautiful landscape.After more than two hours of cleaning, the office in the community and the villages of the main road snow was cleaned up a lot, effectively avoiding the icing of the road to the masses of potential safety hazards.”The snow on the roads has been cleared and the snow on the steps has been swept away. Thanks to party officials, we can travel more conveniently and safely.”The old man passing by gave a thumbs-up to the staff, “Xiao Hongmajia is like a blossoming red flower, looking at Lao Meimei!”According to the district committee, the district government to deal with the rain and snow weather emergency meeting arrangement, on the mountain streets immediately action, start emergency plan, snow as order, edge below clear, to ensure the district residents travel smooth and safe.At the same time, yueshan community staff visited the elderly living alone, the disabled and the elderly with mobility difficulties in the area, paying close attention to the lives of vulnerable groups to ensure that they are safe and warm through the extreme weather.Aunt Gan was a poor household in the district. When the snow turned cold, the community first thought of the old woman who lived alone. They immediately sent her new cotton-padded jacket and other gifts and asked her to take good care of her health.In the home of Zhu Liangxi, an elderly man living alone, the staff gave him cotton clothes, cotton pants, quilts and other daily necessities. They also asked him about his life and physical condition, and explained precautions for epidemic prevention, fire prevention and theft during the Spring Festival.Through this visit, the relationship between cadres and the masses was further narrowed, the safety of residents in special weather was guaranteed, and the mass work was laid a solid foundation for the next step.Zhongzhan Rong Media comprehensive report editor: Xu Laiwei

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