4000 shares floating Green!How’s your wallet?”Drinking Tea on Taoism”

What do you think of today’s stock market trends?In the morning of February 24th, the situation between Russia and Ukraine was suddenly changed and the global stock market was affected, including our shareholders. Some netizens drew cartoons. Some netizens made fun of themselves in the end.The impact on us and the cost of keeping a car is not to increase ❓ from the present,Oil price has been close to raise standard the next round of the finished product oil price adjustment (24) on March 3, should be A big probability event in addition to the international gold price in terms of gold are the highs a-share gold plate also boosted gold nature with such as zhou X f pure retail price again broke through 500 yuan/grams of shareholders are concerned about this issue institutions investors should avoid overreacting to avoid widespread appeal▶ Zhong Tai Securities Strategy director Xu Chi: Investors don’t need to panic at this time.In all the “near war” crises, the “contrarian investment strategy” had the highest yield at the moment of the most panic. The historical law may indicate that the risk assets represented by stocks have a high probability of “bottoming” and the crude oil price has a high probability of “peakout”.▶ GUCN Fund comment market: The Russia-Ukraine conflict mainly affects the short-term market sentiment, and the a-share trend depends more on the domestic economic trend and policy orientation.Considering that there is still downward pressure on corporate earnings growth, it is expected that the trend of A-shares is somewhat volatile, and investors are advised to balance allocation, such as defensive sectors with low valuations and growth sectors with high cost performance.4000 waves of green, how’s your wallet?Take a look at today’s stock market trend?Welcome to the comments section and the live broadcast room to chat ~ Guangdong listen to the interactive message direct elevator GO source: Comprehensive Economic Information Daily, 21st Century Business Herald, Sina Finance, Wind, Sina Weibo user opinion editor: Ziyan

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