Make sure you can protect yourself before helping others

# how people who live alone protect themselves ## What women who live alone should pay attention to ## Emotional Headlines #Looking forward to your story.See a topic on the net: nowadays, abduct a female college student exactly how easy?Under this topic, most of the stories shared by netizens are their own experiences or those around them.In this day and age, not all people deserve help, and not every kindness is truly treated with sincerity.In the wake of the release of the movie The Lock, there has been a lot of discussion online about the personal safety of women who live alone.Many girls who work outside alone have shared their own experience of protecting themselves, and also remind more people not to help others easily.Once a netizen shared that he once met a girl looking for a dog alone on his way home from work at night.The original net friend because of their days of overtime, physically and mentally exhausted, planning to give up to help each other.Can still send a good heart, help each other to find a long time.It wasn’t until she found that the places the girls took her to were getting more and more remote, away from where she lived, that she became alarmed.When she panted very not easy to return home the first thing, on the Internet to check the relevant content, just know, this is a new type of kidnapping scam.The scam is aimed at young women who are single and out in the middle of the night, and a girl comes along and says she’s looking for a pet.What happens to you after that is obvious.What those people are taking advantage of is that girls are relatively more controlling and more benevolent.Every time I see a good Samaritan sacrifice on the Internet, I always see one comment: “Please take care of yourself first.”In fact, it’s not that the age has become indifferent, but a lot of times, ordinary people don’t have the ability to help others themselves.When it comes to doing good, we should celebrate those who are willing to do good, but that doesn’t mean that everyone can be them.Make sure you’re safe before you save someone else.Try to do what you can, don’t try to do what you can’t do.Especially for drowning, fire, etc., what we need to do is to seek professional help, rather than blindly do it ourselves.Because, for a professionally trained person, they may sometimes need a strong ability to face urgent problems, let alone us?Help, sometimes you don’t have to do it yourself to be help.Try your best, as long as you do not regret, that is enough.Don’t do it if you don’t have the ability to do it yourself.Because, behind you, there are people who love you and wait for you to go home.3. When we go out, be careful that when we have to go out, we should report to our families in time and inform them of our specific situation in time.This is not a constraint, because only those who care about you care about your safety and whereabouts.If you need to travel alone, remember to take down the license plate number before getting in the car and send the information to a trusted family member or friend.Never show off your wealth when you go out.If you encounter any problems, please remember that nothing is more precious than your life.When we really need to face danger, never just shout, try to keep calm, try to gather available information around.Then use all the information available to you to find the right time to escape.Don’t think about confrontation, especially when you know you can’t compete with them.For strangers on the network, do not easily add applications through friends, should be timely to find out the identity and purpose of the other party.Do not easily believe what others say, more do not because of other people’s invitation, random meet, especially alone to the place of life is not familiar.There are many souls in this world that need to be comforted.But at the same time, there are many people who hurt others under these banner.We call on everyone in this society to show some warmth to strangers, but please make sure you are safe first.Don’t always take the chance that you won’t be the protagonist of those hurt events.There is an old saying that ‘do not have the heart to harm others, but do not have the heart to guard others.’That’s it.Therefore, when you go out, please pay attention to protect your own safety first.Above, I wish you a good dream, good night.

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