The Spring Festival I on-the-job | keep him safe, xinyang public security during the Spring Festival is not close

All the best good luck in the year of the tiger Prosperous New Year at the beginning of vientiane update, is the best gift of peace, is the perfect answer they presented the shihe river PingQiao mountain sheep warm most of the Spring Festival, most guardian duty equipment in hand walk in familiar territory using measurement peace guangshan gushi roshan national emblem on their heads, and wearing a purplish blue shoulder plebeian inhabitants, the heart with a family in thousands Spring Festival reunion,On duty to congratulate the New Year!Huai marina xixian mall “Spring Festival I on-the-job” xinyang public security for the people through safe and peaceful New Year “escort” winds that winter Milky Way long on the New Year, all the right to peaceful country and safe people, was safe source: peace, PingQiao public security, the shihe river, mountain sheep, gushi county public security, peace guangshan, luoshan county public security bureau, public security, public security, public security online mall huai marina xixian

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