Chow Yun-fat, 66, surprised everyone with a small gesture

Fayo, 66, gave us a big surprise. It was a real surprise.Chow Yun-fat is a hot star, but he is always frugal and low-key.Today, as usual, he went to breakfast in a very humble little shop.One customer instantly recognized Chow yun-fat and was pleasantly surprised.She couldn’t hide her heart thumping because this was the big star she had always liked.It was unexpected that they could meet each other unexpectedly in such a shabby restaurant.She dared to request chow Yun-fat to take a photo, did not expect Chow Yun-fat very happy to agree.The two took intimate photos, and the girl was so excited that she almost cried.Chow yun-fat saw that the shop assistants were still busy and felt that they had been working hard all year and still couldn’t stop busy during the Spring Festival.So he went over and handed out a token to each of the shop assistants. In This part of Guangdong province, it is common to send token to relatives and friends every New Year to express his sincere wishes to them.These ordinary workers, suddenly received the big star’s big is, they are extremely happy tears.One of the staff opened it and, oh my God, Chow handed them hk $100 each.This is very unusual, because the new annual interest rate is usually 5 to 10 yuan, the most is about 20 yuan.But Chow gave them 100 yuan instead.The clerks were so moved that they thanked Chow yun-fat repeatedly.Although Chow yun-fat has millions of dollars, he is very frugal.Two years ago, when he was climbing Tai Mo Shan, Hong Kong’s highest peak, with a group of celebrities, someone saw Chow’s hair was particularly long and asked why he didn’t have his hair cut.Instead chow said: “A haircut in Hong Kong is really expensive. A haircut costs hundreds of yuan, or thousands of yuan a year if you have a haircut once a month.I’ll save a lot of money by waiting for my hair to grow a little longer.Living requires careful budgeting.”Chow Yun-fat is a big star, but his clothes are very simple.The slippers he was wearing were only 15 yuan, just plain old street goods.He also rarely buys clothes, some of which he wears for more than 10 years.And his cell phone is an old one, and his family has a fancy car, but he rarely drives it.Every time he travels, he likes to take the subway or take a taxi.Chow Yun-fat, worth 5.6 billion, has no children of his own but cares about the world.Someone asked him who he had saved so much money for.’I really don’t know who I’m spending the money on, but it’s certainly not for us,’ he said with a smile.Chow yun-fat set up a charitable foundation and often donated money and materials to some public welfare causes. Chow yun-fat and his wife Chen Hui-lian are very frugal with themselves, but they are never shy about doing public welfare work.Chow Yun-fat this small red envelope, let these drifting outside the migrant workers feel the warmth of spring.

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