“Epidemic” from the growth of living up to the time | Family life at home in Shaohua Street Primary School “Happy” sky high

Every ray of sunshine in April, sprinkled on the body are warm, every flower, smiling face towards the sun.Although the epidemic has stopped us from going out, it cannot stop the change of seasons, let alone our expectation and desire for parent-child games.In this special period of postponed school, in order to ease the anxiety of children and parents, children more scientific and healthy growth, Shaohua Street primary school prepared rich and interesting parent-child games in different forms and different contents.Take a look at the fun life of children at home.Kitchen hand ingenuity, cut wonderful can not look down on this seemingly simple cut cucumber skin, want to cut a good cucumber, can work hard, not only stimulate the children’s interest in labor, but also exercise the children’s hand muscle strength, hand-eye coordination ability, cultivate the children’s independence, concentration, self-care ability.”Chopsticks” le me first in the stipulated time, with chopsticks in the container of beans into another paper cup, look, the children’s happy mood is expressed, children can not only teach mom and dad, but also cultivate the children’s concentration, coordination, sense of order and independence.I have a pair of small hand paper cutting as a way of representation of children, not only can enrich children’s concentration and hand-eye coordination ability, but also through the low structure of “color paper” material, arouse children’s interest in games and desire to explore.The children cut out the spring with their clever little hands.Very domestic period, happy growth.The epidemic cannot stop us from growing up. We hope to embrace every child at home and make their time at home happier and more fulfilling!Temporary wait, only for the sun more warm, more colourful flowers.Let’s wait for the epidemic to pass and return to our beautiful campus!Text editor: Cheng Bangjun Photo material: one (7) class review: Hu Lili review: Hao Min

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