5 people cooked 9 dishes and kept me busy for most of the day

5 people cooked 9 dishes and kept me busy for most of the day.This year I had planned to go back to my hometown of Chongqing for the Spring Festival, but later my daughter came back and said that the school would not let me go back, so I could only stay in Yangpu District. In addition, my husband’s unit also had to report for the Spring Festival. Finally, I decided to spend the Spring Festival on the spot.But bitter father, this year and let him a little lonely old man, originally promised to take a plane to go back, let him disappointed.It has been two years since I went home for the Spring Festival. I only hope that the epidemic will end soon and we can go home for the Spring Festival together.This year’s reunion dinner is also to wait until the end of the year to eat, called my niece, a total of 5 people also counted as eating a lively New Year’s Eve dinner, few people simply do some home-cooked dishes, mainly steamed and stewed, a total of 9 dishes, the results of the big runfa fish delivered late, the last fish almost did not eat.Here’s my family reunion dinner to share with you, I hope you like it.I use sweet potato as the bottom of the steamed mutton. The mutton is the inner Mongolian mutton leg meat bought online, and the quality is good.The rice flour of steamed mutton is ground by oneself, and the flour must be thicker.1. Add dried Chinese prickly ash to the rice and beat rice flour with a wall breaking machine.Peel and cut sweet potatoes into small pieces.2. Cut the mutton into thin slices, add ginger slices, scallion slices, cooking wine, chicken essence and white sugar to absorb the flavor, add salt and Pixian bean sauce to absorb the flavor, and finally mix in rice flour to coat the meat with rice flour.Add some sesame oil for flavor.3. In a breathable steaming basin, put sweet potatoes on the bottom, and top with lamb wrapped in rice noodles.4. Boil the water in a steaming pot and steam for 40 to 50 minutes over medium heat. Sprinkle with scallions and coriander.Two, steamed braised meat braised meat is my first day on the fried good, steamed in the evening, when the group steamed again, so good taste, especially soft and delicious.The salted dish of steamed braised pork is sent from my hometown, and the taste of dried plum dishes here in Shanghai is different.1, pork belly pan, the skin side of the roast, and then put the water bubble, with a knife to wash the skin, remove the skin hairy smell.2. Add proper amount of water to the pot, add cooking wine, ginger slices, scallions, pepper and salt, cook the meat to 5-6 mature and remove it.3, cooked meat, put a little cool, with ginger on the side of the skin rub a fishy taste, and then on the side of the skin brush dark soy sauce or sugar color.4, the pot put rapeseed oil right amount, burn to five or six into the heat, put in the meat, fry the side of the meat skin first, then turn it over and fry it again, do not fry the paste, fry until golden brown, obvious skin contraction, pay attention to fry for a while, try to put the extra frying out.5, after frying, put the meat in cold water bubble, wash off the excess oil on the surface, cool and then cut.6. Finely chop salt vegetables.Slice the meat into thin slices and place them neatly in a steamer.Pour into cooking wine and light soy sauce, put ginger, top with salt vegetables.7, put the steamer on low heat and steam slowly for more than 2 hours.I am using a pressure cooker, first pressure saic, and then small fire pressure for about 1 hour, and then stew to natural steam.Braised pork is generally more flavorful and softer the longer it is steamed.Turn them upside down on a larger plate.Steamed crisp meat crisp meat is also fried when the first day of fried braised pork, crisp meat steamed, and then cooked soup, taste good.1, sandwich meat, pork belly skin can also be, but a little fat.If you make a small pastry, you cut it into small pieces, but I make a big pastry, so I cut it big.Ingredients: sweet potato starch, 2 eggs.Seasoning: Sichuan pepper, cooking wine, salt, ginger.2, first put the seasoning and egg grasp, then add starch mix evenly, pay attention to not too thin, be sure to dry.Otherwise, the starch won’t go in.Let the meat infuse and leave for 30 minutes to an hour.3. Prepare a colander, heat the pot, pour in the oil, heat the oil into 60%, put the chopsticks into the pot one by one, push the crisp meat with a colander after 1 minute, and turn over and fry.When the meat is golden brown, turn to low heat, use chopsticks to scoop into a colander and drain the oil into the prepared basin.4. After the crisp meat is cold enough, slice it into thin slices and spread it evenly in the steaming bowl. Put it in the steamer with a small fire and steam slowly, making sure that the meat is soft and rotten.When steamed, place upside down in a large bowl.5, the crisp meat into a teaspoon of vinegar, sprinkle with chopped green onion, add water to the pot to bring to a boil, put a little lard, put vegetables, add salt, chicken essence, ginger.Pour the soup into the pastry bowl.Shanghai side of the seafood is still relatively fresh, considering that fewer people can not eat much, finally made a shrimp, children love to eat fried shrimp, so the shrimp oil, and onion celery fried together, onion and celery we adults just eat dinner.Article 1 1/2 onion, cut into, celery to tendons cut into segments and peppers cut into bars, prepare rice wine, ginger and spring onion, garlic, pepper, pepper, black pepper, a few of white sugar, sesame oil a little, such as chopped green onion 1, put the shrimp head, to shrimp, the shrimp back cut, put cooking wine, salt, ginger, spring onion, pepper and marinate for 20 minutes, and then wrapped in cornflour.2, put the oil in the pot, heat 70% or 80%, add the shrimp fried until the color changes, the skin is crispy.3, the remaining oil in the pot, put shallots, ginger slices, garlic, onion, celery, chili saute, put salt to taste.Add the fried shrimp and stir-fry, then add the white pepper, black pepper and white sugar.Five, spicy beef jerky spicy beef jerky is the first day I will do, this dish is also to my big child to relieve the greedy, said the school for a long time did not talk about this spicy food.1. Condiments: ginger slices, Chinese prickly ash, sugar, balsamic vinegar, dry pepper, salt, cooking wine, scallion section, MONOsodium glutamate, white sesame, etc.2, beef choose beef breast beef, this kind of beef is good slices, tender and smooth taste good.Cut the beef into appropriate chunks, put cooking wine, dried pepper, scallion, ginger, pepper and salt.Cover with plastic wrap and marinate in the refrigerator for two days, turning once in between.3. Put the marinated beef in a steamer, steam saic with high fire first, and then steam it with low fire for about 1 hour.After steaming, remove the beef, cool it and slice it crosswise.4, the pot heat up, put rapeseed oil, burn to 6~7 mature.Add beef slices and fry.Fry the beef until it changes color, do not fry it too long, or it will be too hard, and it will not taste good when fried.5, another pot, put the right amount of oil, turn on a small fire, put pepper, ginger and pepper, small fire stir fry.Add beef slices and stir-fry.Add a little cooking wine and salt to taste.Put sugar, vinegar a little stir – fry.Keep it on a low heat until it dries.Stir-fry white sesame seeds until fragrant.Put MSG before pan.Pay attention to the whole process, do not panic, slow fire fry, must be fried into the flavor, but also can not fry the sauce paste.I also made a pot of marinated pork the day before, and there are still a lot of it in the refrigerator. Therefore, I was not busy on the day of the Reunion dinner. I was busy for most of the day before.1. Prepare seasonings: cooking wine, dark soy sauce, rock sugar, ginger, scallion, dried pepper, Chinese prickly ash, and their own bittern meat seasoning package (special bittern beef and chicken feet, best separated).2. Wash the ingredients to be salted in advance, blanch the blood, and then clean them.In addition, beef does not need to blanch, but in advance into ginger slices, Onions, salt, cooking wine, dry pepper, pepper and so on to catch the flavor, pickled 1~2 days.2, fried sugar color: add a small bowl of water to the pot, put 100 grams of sugar, simmer until the bubble, simmer until golden brown, add water and pour into the gravy pot.3, charging wine, spring onion, ginger, pepper, Chinese prickly ash, soy sauce, rock sugar, salt, and their halogen the relish (if don’t think their halogen halide ingredients, can wait to add some common aniseed, such as: geranium, star anise, cinnamon, amomum, angelica dahurica, bean cup), the fire to boil, boil to brine thick, add to halogen ingredients, turn again small halogen fire until cooked.Pay attention to, do not marinate the meat for too long, especially the beef marinated for too long, the meat is too soft and rotten, the beef can not be sliced.Generally small fire brine for half an hour, and then soak for about 5 hours, and then boil, compound brine for 5 minutes, so that the color is beautiful.I usually boil it the night before, soak it overnight and it’s just right the next day.3. All-purpose sauce: ginger and garlic juice, salt, light soy sauce 2 tablespoons, vinegar 1 tablespoon, chicken essence (MONOsodium glutamate), white sugar, chili oil, pepper powder, Chinese pepper powder, sesame oil, chopped spring onion.Mandarin fish for the New Year must be some, to have more than every year.The fish was almost missed because the express delivery was late, so there was no such dish on the table. This fish with tomato sauce is sour and sweet, appetizing, crisp on the outside and tender on the inside. It tastes very good and is my children’s favorite dish.1, the head of the osmanthus fish cut, separate the meat and bone, fish side cut into a cross knife, and then put in a basin, add water, put white wine, onion, ginger soak 30 minutes, and then clean.The main purpose of this step is to get rid of the fishiness.2. Rub the fish and bones with salt, white pepper, starch and dry flour.Put half a carrot in the fish’s mouth to set the head.3, the pot into the right amount of rapeseed oil, oil temperature sixty or seventy into the heat, the first fried fish head, with a spoon to shape the fish head, and then constantly covered with hot oil, let the fish head shape, and then put into the pot to fry.4. Fry the fish and bones in a wok until they turn brown on both sides.It’s crispy and it can be refried or not.Fry and transfer to a plate.5, the pot to leave a little oil, add tomato sauce, add a small bowl of water boil, stir fry a few times, then add two tablespoons of sugar, stir fry until the bubble, add two tablespoons of white vinegar, stir until the juice thick.Then pour the tomato juice over the fish.Sprinkle on a few scallions and add cooked white sesame seeds, crushed peanuts or pine nuts for flavor.Eight, stew old mother chicken soup old hen is sister Chinese New Year express come over, meat quality is good, I do not want to put other things stew together, just want to drink a clear soup, so clear stew half.1, rural scattered pension hen half, burning liquor roasted chicken skin, to nap and smell, and then cut off the viscera, clean, cut into small pieces.2, add the right amount of water, blanch the chicken to remove the blood, and then clean it, so that the chicken soup is clearer.3, chicken into the casserole pot, add water, put ginger slices, leek section, cooking wine, medlar, first fire to boil, then turn to slow simmer 1.5 hours.Add salt 20 minutes before cooking, then add a little pepper.At last came a stir-fried cabbage.Rinse the bok choy, bubble it with salt and rinse it again.Put the right amount of oil in the pot, add the cabbage and fry it quickly, fry it well, put some salt, put some chicken essence and sesame oil and evenly.There was a baby corn juice at the end, and we didn’t drink, so we just drank walnut juice instead.Love is my original article, reproduced please indicate the source.

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