Fukuhara ai explosion fuzheng Yokohama male excited public “new identity” : I will refuel

Reporter WengZiHan/Taipei report last year, Japan’s top table tennis player ai fukuhara and Jiang Hongjie over 5 years of marriage, recently also came the centralizer and she couldn’t of yokohama, male, image although fell off a cliff, but has not yet recovered her career, more in weibo report good news today (27) announced the promotion, to become the world’s major league soccer (MLS) in the table tennis area general manager (WTT) Japan.Ai Fukuhara announced her promotion.Ai Fukuhara expressed her excitement at being named a “table tennis legend” and becoming the first general manager of the World Table Tennis Major League In Japan.”Very honored when the WTT area general manager of the world table tennis federation Japan. Later I want to do your best to the development of the world table tennis. I hope we can to build the world’s top table tennis players environment, hope to table tennis enthusiasts and fans more and more! Thank WTT world table tennis federation, thank chairman liu trust in me, I’ll come on.”According to the report, Fukuhara’s duties include creating tournament hosting opportunities for WTT, facilitating sponsorship and investment, supporting the development of table tennis, and promoting media rights sales for WTT World Table Tennis in Japan.”I started playing table tennis when I was three years old and have learned a lot from it over the years. I also want to share my experience with the new generation of players and focus on their important needs and work hard for them.”

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