Juicer Juice Recipe Book: New Year’s Scrape juice you get?

Spring Festival is coming, spring break almost every day without big fish and meat, eating too greasy will cause a great burden on the intestines.At this time to drink some fresh “scraping oil” juice, qingchang solution greasy, really good.The easiest way to get the original smoothies is to squeeze them yourself.Xiaobian here is a juicer juice recipe book, Chinese New Year guests must use them to entertain!Ingredients: apple, blueberry, orange How to make: Clean the ingredients, peel the orange, remove the core of the apple;First put the apple and blueberry into the original juice machine to juice, pour the mixed juice into the cup for reserve;Place the oranges in a juice blender and pour the juice over the blueberry juice.A high profile double juice drink is complete.Nutritional value: Blueberries contain nutrients that inhibit cancer in the middle and early stages;Anthocyanins in blueberry fruits are very powerful antioxidants, which can help prevent the formation of plaque in the arteries and a variety of cancers, reducing the risk of cancer;Blueberries are also a low-calorie food.Oranges are rich in pectin and dietary fiber, which, like apples, can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, reduce the time that feces and toxins stay in the intestine, and prevent constipation.Ingredients: beetroot, apple and carrot Recipe: 1. Rinse beetroot, apple and carrot.2, apple core, put all ingredients into the original juice machine in a key can be juiced.Nutritional value: Beetroots contain iron, copper, and manganese, which help the body remove cholesterol from the intestine by binding it into an unabsorbable mixture.Carrots contain rich flesh fiber, can strengthen intestinal peristalsis;It still can induce human body oneself to produce interferon, increase airframe immunity, can restrain the growth of cancer cell, have important effect to preventing cancer, anticancer.Apple is rich in malic acid, succinic acid and other organic acids, which can stimulate the secretion of digestive juices in the digestive tract and improve the digestive ability.In the small series of juicer juice recipe book, the above two most loved by family.In addition to good ingredients, the equipment used is also important.Secretly tell everyone that the juicer used by xiaobian is the latest H300E juice machine.The models on the basis of the original H200 and H201 do the upgrade, by using the new patent formula of a body multi-purpose propellers, will a variety of juice function one, so when juicing don’t need according to ingredients switch accessories, a variety of recipes only need one machine can do, the elderly and children at home are easy operation, convenient and practical.In addition, Huizen’s unique slow extrusion technology highly restores the extraction method of lemon juice, no matter how soft or hard the food material is, it can achieve fine grinding, so that the juice and fruit residue can be perfectly separated, and the juice rate is high.And in the process of squeezing and juicing, oxidation and heat are also greatly reduced, reducing the damage to the cell structure of food materials, squeezed out of the juice is healthy and delicious, which is the main reason for the whole family to drink.Friends quickly collect this juicer juice recipe book, and then get the same original juice machine, healthy New Year.

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