Pingshan County bureau of agriculture and rural areas investigated and dealt with the largest case of operating pesticides without a license

In June 2021, pingshan county bureau of agriculture and rural areas received a sichuan agricultural science and technology co., LTD., suspected of pesticide pesticide operating license to operate against the illegal clues, and then to the company investigation, law enforcement personnel tsui district, county and more, such as survey asked relevant personnel 7 case, making the interrogation record 9, fixed the evidence materials on page 120.According to the investigation, from March 2020 to March 2021, the company organized and sold pesticide products from Wu without obtaining the pesticide business license, and sold a total of 3,100 packages and 450 bottles of 9 pesticide products in 2 batches, with a total value of 15,450 yuan, and obtained illegal gains of 15,450 yuan.Pingshan county bureau of agriculture and rural areas on the basis of the first paragraph of article 55 of the pesticide management ordinance of subparagraph (a), the provisions of paragraph 1 of article sixty-three, shall be ordered to the parties to immediately stop without obtaining business license to operate the behavior of the pesticide, pesticides and to give legal representative pingyuan 10 years from the day of the enforcement of administrative penalty shall not be engaged in pesticide production and business activities,The illegal gains of RMB 15,450 shall be confiscated, and an administrative penalty of RMB 85,000 shall be imposed, with a total penalty of RMB 100,450.This case is the agricultural materials operation case with the largest amount of goods involved and the largest amount of fines imposed by Pingshan County Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Affairs in this region. Considering that it is really difficult for the party concerned to pay the fine in a lump sum, we agree to the party concerned to pay the fine in six installments. At present, the party concerned has paid all the fines within the time limit.Since 2021, The Agriculture and Rural Affairs Bureau of Pingshan County has investigated and handled 64 illegal cases in the agricultural industry, with the amount of fines amounting to 420,777 YUAN. The number of cases handled ranks the top among all the districts and counties in the province, forming a strong deterrent to illegal acts in the agricultural and rural industries under its jurisdiction.

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