What are the advantages of Irish immigrants?All your needs once and for all

Immigrants have a lot of demand, including but not limited to education, investment, many aspects, such as housing, pension, someone wants to give their children a better education resources, someone want to go abroad to expand their business, someone wants to change the environment to start a new life, and later in life, someone wants to find a generous welfare state to spend their twilight years, immigrants is the purpose of power,The reason to emigrate is to have the life you want through immigration, so it is a skilled job to choose the country you want to emigrate to.Is there a country that combines these advantages?That’s Ireland.Ireland is a European country with a very malleable identity.Since the brexit vote, Irish identity has become increasingly valuable, attracting global investors and immigration applicants with its huge advantages.Irish immigration not only meets your immigration needs, but also the needs you may have in the future. It is a once and for all immigration program.1. Irish Education Irish education is very suitable for children’s growth, the education level is very high.Ireland was once under British rule and in many ways has been influenced by British traditions, and education is no exception.Ireland is the orthodox British education, Ireland also attaches more importance to education, has a lot of investment in education, is one of the world’s most educated countries.Since all primary and high school education is free in Ireland, children of immigrants can also enjoy free basic education in Ireland.In addition, the common language in Ireland is English, and children can be taught in English from an early age.In addition, Ireland and Britain recognize each other’s credits, that is to say, high school students in Ireland can directly apply for British universities, and the admission rate of Cambridge, Oxford and other prestigious British universities that international students yearn for is also higher.If you don’t want your children to go to public schools, there are many private schools in Ireland. Moreover, the Irish government will grant education allowance, and tuition can be reduced accordingly to save education costs.2. Irish Economy Ireland’s economy has been a shining performer among European countries with rapid economic development. Its GDP growth rate has been the highest in Europe for nine consecutive years, earning it the title of “European Tiger” for its rapid economic development.Ireland is also known as the “Silicon Valley of Europe” for its outstanding information technology industry, and many of the world’s top 500 companies have set up their European headquarters in Ireland.Ireland also has a corporate tax rate of 12.5% and non-double taxation agreements with many countries.Ireland is a very suitable place for investment because of its developed economy and ample development space, as well as its stable tax policy which is very favorable to enterprises.3. The safe living environment in Ireland is an important indicator for many immigrants to consider moving to other countries. Ireland is one of the seven neutral countries in the world with stable political situation and low crime rate.Ireland is also known as the Emerald Island because of its excellent greening.The national green occupancy rate is high, overlooking Ireland, the eye is green.Green is also the favorite color of Irish people. During festivals, there will be many green decorations in the streets and lanes of Ireland, and people will also wear green clothes.Irish people are friendly and sociable. They also like to drink. There are pubs and bars on the streets of Ireland.If you’re good at drinking, it should be easier to fit in.4. Welfare in Ireland: With an Irish Health Card, you can enjoy free community services, dental services, hospital care and other medical benefits.Pregnant women also receive free medical treatment during pregnancy and children receive free dental services.The vast majority of medical treatment in Ireland is carried out by a family doctor, who is free of charge with a medical card or a family doctor visiting card.Irish citizens are also entitled to child benefit, work benefit vocational skills training Allowance, jobseeker’s benefit, jobseeker’s allowance and industrial injury benefit.The British Guardian rated Ireland as “one of the world’s best countries for retirement”. In addition to the excellent living environment, Ireland also has a perfect pension system. Not only can the pension is relatively high, but also there are many cost reduction policies, such as water, electricity, gas and some other necessities of life.Ireland is a quality EU country with good education quality, relatively slow pace of life, high happiness index of residents and stable social environment.If you have any doubts about immigration, you can discuss them with three elephants.

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