American journalists went to China to report on the Beijing Winter Olympics and sent what they saw back to the United States, much to the surprise of their colleagues

As we all know, apart from sports events, China’s epidemic prevention and control work has attracted the most attention of all countries during the Beijing Winter Olympics. Many media outlets have even set up special columns to explore and study China’s epidemic prevention and control policies.Recently, American journalists’ reports on this matter have sparked heated debate.A reporter from the United States has launched a special program on the epidemic prevention work during the Winter Olympics in China. For this purpose, they also connected with a reporter in China, who reported what he saw and said during the Winter Olympics. However, the American media did not agree with this statement.It is understood that the reporter said that he did not find new cases in Beijing during this period in China, and the Prevention measures and management of the Winter Olympics is very strict, athletes here are well protected, and Beijing has set up many entertainment facilities in the Winter Olympic village, to ensure the physical and mental health of athletes.However, the host of the program did not agree with this point of view, and even repeatedly directed reporters to China’s epidemic prevention work is not in place, obviously they want to once again attack China’s epidemic prevention work, but the dynamic clearance of the zero, really surprised them.02 countries lined up after the Olympics in person actually, countries have changed the opinion of epidemic prevention measures in succession, Japanese journalists had previously said in an interview with the media is more direct, China almost every day for nucleic acid testing for them, and used by local Chinese green code and vaccination certificate is very convenient,And also to ensure the greatest possible life safety of the participants.Obviously, China took a series of defensive measures from the moment they got off the plane to the opening ceremony, which was recognized by all countries. However, such unbiased reports also aroused hot discussion in other countries, and people from all countries said that this was the first time they really felt the strength of China.It is true that western countries have never reported on China in a fair and just way before, especially the American media. When reporting on China, they not only took words out of context, but also edited them maliciously, making China into a backward and dirty country and the Chinese people into unreasonable and outrageous images.China’s stricter quarantine measures have been misinterpreted as violating human rights and restricting the personal freedom of Chinese people.But while criticizing their own country’s epidemic control efforts, they argued that the United States needed stricter quarantine measures to limit people’s movements in order to reduce the rising numbers.Such diametrically opposed attitudes make us doubt their intentions and make it hard to believe what they are reporting.Disclaimer: picture source network, if there is infringement please contact to inform.Part of the information reference source: Beijing Evening News

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