Blue camp in the long pain batch: the kuomintang central hard not up, mud paste not on the wall!There is no morale at the base

The choice of KMT mayor in Kaohsiung has been delayed in the 2022 local election, making grassroots supporters anxious, China Review News reported.Kaohsiung city former jin district mayor association chairman, wendongli senior mayor Huang Kunguang accepted the China Review News agency interview said that the KMT is like mud paste on the wall, this year blue camp grassroots mayor already did not want to hang KMT membership to run, the KMT central “hard up”, grassroots morale is no at all.Kaohsiung has a total of 891 districts in 38 districts. In the 2018 election, the Blue Army benefited from the “Korean Wave” and won 148 seats, while the DEMOCRATIC Progressive Party (DPP) won 147 seats, and the other 596 seats were split evenly between blue and green.This time the local political situation PI change, grassroots Blue camp long has begun to brew to non-party membership to run for election, which to the Kaohsiung Blue army, tantamount to a warning.Hwang kun-kwong, 68, is a long-time supporter of the late Kaohsiung City Council Speaker Hui Kun-yuan, and served as the 17th and 18th party leader of the KMT.He was so disappointed by the KMT’s performance that he decided not to run for party representative.’What can be done with a delegate who can be elected by 100 or 200 votes?’ he said.Losing face.Xu Kunyuan jumped to his death at the age of 63 on June 6, 2020, the day Han Yu was ousted as kaohsiung mayor.Huang Kunguang all the way to support Xu Kunyuan politics for nearly 30 years, in the face of this section of the past, Huang Qi said, originally a good sedan chair, but killed the following carrying.They helped to carry the sedan chair at the grassroots level, but they did not get any benefits. As a result, the people sitting on the sedan chair were “lili Lala”.Speaking in Hokkien, Mr Huang said he was pessimistic about the KMT’s prospects in 2022 because the DPP was so good at voting that the most important thing was that it was “ruthless, strong and unscrupulous”.The Kaohsiung City Council has 66 seats, and the KMT will have 25 seats by the end of the year.Huang kunguang said that Zhao Tianlin, the DPP kaohsiung party chairman and “legislator”, is a popular figure in Kaohsiung city, and everyone knows that he is preparing to become kaohsiung mayor in 2026. If Chen Qimai is re-elected, zhao Tianlin may be the next one.Zhao Tianlin’s “legislator” position will be handed over to Huang Wenyi.The DPP is structured in such a way that the old and middle-aged are taking over.What about the Kuomintang?Even now there is no candidate for mayor. Even if there were, KMT would lose in Kaohsiung!People in Kaohsiung still remember the hatred of Han Yu, who ran for the leadership of Taiwan right after he was elected in 2018.

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