Eighty-five families were shattered by her, and a 12-year hunt finally brought the heinous human trafficker to justice

In the 1980s, there were often women and children missing in Sichuan and Sichuan. It is self-evident that these are the acts of human traffickers who cut thousands of cuts.One of the ringleaders who committed this heinous crime was peng Hongju, an ordinary peasant woman.Peng Hongju was born in 1953 in a small hill in Rongchang County, Chongqing. Her parents were both farmers. She grew up in a poor family and often did not have enough to eat.When she grew up, she was introduced to Chen Dingqi, who had an elder named He Jigao who specialized in human trafficking.Peng Hongju and his wife followed this elder and began the crime of human trafficking.Their first “business” was selling a baby boy to Henan.At that time, the parents of the family wanted to give their children away because they would be fined for having more than one child in the countryside, so Peng hongju tricked them by saying she would give them to a good family.She gave the child’s parents 800 yuan for nutrition and sold it for 1,500 yuan.Peng hongju was ecstatic when she made 200 yuan from her first “business” after all expenses.She then started buying babies for 1,000 yuan for boys, 500 yuan for girls and even as little as 150 yuan.The children were sold to Henan by Peng Hongju and his wife for several thousand yuan.In order to set up a “transfer station” from Chongqing to Henan, Peng hongju even tricked her own sister into marrying a local henan man who was also their accomplice.Since then, a criminal chain of human trafficking has been formed.Over the next few years, Ms. Peng and her husband recruited other villagers, and the gang grew in number.They are no longer limited to selling children from parents who have more than one child, but are on the move stealing them.Who would have thought that it was this woman who looked like a neighbor’s sister-in-law, and her husband set up a criminal group specializing in abducting and selling women and children.The rampant behavior of human traffickers attracted the great attention of chongqing Rongchang County Public Security Bureau. From May to August 1992, the criminal group headed by Peng Hongju and his wife was detected in one fell action in just three months.The police detected a total of 44 members of the gang, from 1986 to 1992, six years, abducted five women, 80 children;There were 39 boys and 41 girls.Six of the infants were more than a year old and the rest were under the age of six months, mostly newborn babies.Of these babies, 10 have died from various causes and three have been abandoned in the wilderness due to disability or illness and are unaccounted for.After a relentless police investigation, 43 people were caught in the trafficking ring, but only one escaped, peng Hongju.To save her life, Peng left behind her three daughters, the youngest of whom was just a year old.She made her way north and soon fled to Inner Mongolia.Peng Hongju, who was on the run, quickly ran out of money and had to work as a slave in a remote brick factory.In working, she encountered a copy of the man with Sichuan accent, hear the local accent particularly kind, together with the man to her be considerate, care has, very soon let Peng Gongju unload guard against, and produced good impression to the man.When Peng Hongju got along with the man for more than a month, she felt warm and secure like never before.She did not want to live a life of hiding and exhaustion any longer. When the man said he would take her to a relative’s home in Shanxi, she said yes without hesitation.Peng hongju and the man came to a hill in Shanxi Province, he took her to a dilapidated house, said to go out to look for relatives, since then no trace.And push the door to come in is a middle-aged man, very direct to tell her: she is he spent 3500 yuan to buy home when the wife of the woman.At this time Peng Hongju knew that he was sold by peers, is really all the year round goose but goose pecked blind eyes!She was trapped in a 10-square-meter cave, unable to escape. She tried to escape, but was chased back, and when she came back, she was beaten.In this way, Peng Hongju lived in this cave without any sunlight for 12 years. In the past 12 years, she ate meat once and took three baths. Every day, she lived in fear of starvation.She suffered a cerebral haemorrhage and became hemiplegic as a result of chronic malnutrition and being beaten by her husband from time to time.Is really “good and evil will be repaid, heaven good reincarnation;Don’t look up, god forgive who.”The tragic experience of those abducted children and women should be experienced on her.Her body needed to suffer, her soul to repent.The police investigating the case of human trafficking of Peng Hongju, there is a police officer called He Yong, has not given up the pursuit of Peng Hongju.In early 2004, he got a clue about Peng Hongju and rushed to Shanxi with case investigators during the Spring Festival.On the ninth day of the Chinese New Year, Peng Hongju was taken away from her cave by the police. Her crime was severely punished after 12 years — death!The result will be a consolation to the families whose lives have been shattered by her: justice will never be absent!

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