How to preserve instant sea cucumber?How long is the shelf life

Speaking of sea cucumber we should not be unfamiliar, sea cucumber is a high nutritional value of tonic food, eating can health care, good for people’s health, and ready-to-eat sea cucumber, sea cucumber is made after processing, retain the nutritional value of sea cucumber, and convenient to eat, so ready-to-eat sea cucumber how to preserve it?Ready-to-eat sea cucumber how to save 1, refrigerator preservation: ready-to-eat sea cucumber if put into the refrigerator freezer layer preservation, generally can be saved for about a year, and put into the refrigerator preservation layer preservation generally can only be saved for about three months.2, room temperature preservation: in the cold winter, ready-to-eat sea cucumber can be stored indoors, but need to be stored in a cool and dry place away from light.Ready-to-eat sea cucumber shelf life is long A few months to a year Ready-to-eat sea cucumber according to different products on the market, there will be a few months to a year or so of shelf life, ready-to-eat sea cucumber is generally divided into fresh and frozen, fresh type under the condition of the refrigerated ready-to-eat sea cucumber, also can only save two months or so, and quick-frozen ready-to-eat sea cucumber,Cryopreservation can last from eight months to about a year.1, open bag ready to eat: for fresh type of instant sea cucumber, because it is processed, so open bag can be eaten, but the taste is not good.2, porridge to eat: instant sea cucumber can be used to cook porridge to drink, you can cut the sea cucumber into small pieces, put in millet porridge to boil, not only nutritious and delicious, but also conducive to the body absorption.

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