Hebei’s 46 projects are ensuring the operation of the Winter Olympics

A total of 80 scientific research projects 212 technologies will be deployed at the Beijing Winter Olympic Games on February 16, hebei News (Hebei Daily reporter Zhou Congcong) Today, from the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Science and technology special press conference was informed,A total of 212 technologies were used in 80 scientific research projects under the “Science and Technology Winter Olympics” program set up by the State Key RESEARCH and Development Program, providing strong support for the Beijing Winter Olympics to be “simple, safe and wonderful”.More than 500 units, more than 10 scientific research personnel to participate in research and development “around venues, running, command, security, health care, weather, traffic, broadcast, watching key scenarios, such as more than 500 units, more than 10 scientific research personnel to participate in research and development of more than 200 technology achievements in test match, athletes training, the race has carried out demonstration applications.”Zhu Xuehua, director of the Ministry of Science and Technology’s Department of Social development, said at the press conference.According to Yu Hong, director of the technical department of the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee, the ice Cube will provide athletes and spectators with a new ice experience of “different temperatures in the same room” through precise temperature control in different areas of the arena.The “ice” surface of the National Speed Skating Hall, the first in the history of the Winter Olympics to use carbon dioxide transcritical ice-making technology, has seen the birth of eight new Olympic records and one world record.Considered by the president of the International Bobsleigh Federation to be the best venue in the world, the 1.9km national Bobsleigh Centre is unrivalled in bobsleigh and steel stadium history.In addition, the Beijing Olympic press conference video service system (Info – AV), broadcast platform is based on the cloud, giving all matches during the Olympics news conference news broadcast, on-demand, and download services, can choose the original or simultaneous interpretation of the audio output, press conference audio and video production and editing and processing was done up in the air remote.”Since the opening of the Beijing Winter Olympics, the Chinese sports delegation has performed well on the whole and achieved historic breakthroughs in many sports. These achievements could not have been achieved without the strong support of science and technology for training.”Li Zhiquan, deputy director of the Science and Education Department of the General Administration of Sport of China and first-level inspector, said that the “Science and Technology Winter Olympics” project has provided support for the selection of cross-disciplinary and scientific training programs for the national team.By collecting various indicators and data of elite athletes and combining with the training index parameters of the project and the athletes, it provides support for scientific decision-making of training programs.Using wind tunnel training to assist athletes to complete posture drag reduction optimization.The six degrees of freedom simulation training system has also been used in the training of the national team.Strong, director of the Beijing municipal science and technology commission, the Olympics, Beijing under the leadership of the games organizing committee in Beijing, with the support of the Ministry of Science and Technology, has been tested more than 200 technology, involves more than 60 subdivision scenarios, including four technology is introduced for the first time in the global, there are 33 technique is used in the Olympics for the first time, fully manifest the innovation of science and technology strength.Hebei 46 project results are to ensure the operation of the Winter Olympics conference, Hebei Science and Technology Department director Long Fenjie introduced, Hebei science and technology Department to develop the implementation of “science and technology Winter Olympics wisdom Chong Li action plan”, the establishment of science and technology winter Olympics special, support projects more than 100 items.At present, there are 46 projects in progress to ensure the operation of the Winter Olympics.In support of the preparations for the Winter Olympics, genting Ski Park has been highly recognized by the International Olympic Committee and the International Snow Federation for its “windscreen technology for outdoor moguls”.The Beidou micro-base station positioning system was installed in “Xueruyi”, realizing the indoor sub-meter precise positioning for the first time.The key technology of complex mountain weather forecast has reached the level of “100 meters, minute level”.In terms of leading sustainable development, the company has solved the problem of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles starting quickly at low temperature to ensure that the hydrogen buses in Zhangjiakou Competition area successfully complete the traffic guarantee task.Innovate water-saving and energy-saving technologies for venues to provide strong support for efficient utilization of water resources and reduction of energy consumption;Research and development of the competition area and the surrounding area to improve the ecological environment technology, enrich the landscape varieties, protect biodiversity.In terms of building smart Chongli, modern information technology will be integrated to promote resource sharing, and the construction of smart transportation, smart forest fire prevention, smart tourism and smart government affairs will be carried out to support the construction of an international ice and snow town that is enjoyable, livable, convenient and efficient.Long fenjie said that Hebei will “support the development of ice and snow industry” as an important task of the scientific and technological Winter Olympics work, adhere to the integration of projects, platforms and talents, actively build the whole chain of ice and snow industry innovation and development support system, promote the ice and snow equipment industry from nothing to grow bigger and stronger.Among them, HEBEI enterprises research and development and production of SG400 snow press, performance, structure, key electro-hydraulic technology reached the international advanced level, is China’s first high-end high-horsepower snow press.The short track speed skating protective mat developed by the international Skating Union was recognized as the only domestic supplier of short track speed skating protective mat for the Winter Olympic Games.We supported Zhangjiakou High-tech Zone in building a demonstration base for entrepreneurship and innovation for the Winter Olympics, and signed nearly 50 contracts for the ice and snow sports equipment Industrial Park.The research and development of immersive intelligent skiing training fitness equipment can be installed in communities, parks and other venues, to achieve the simulation effect of outdoor skiing, breaking the limitations of snow and ice sports, fill the gap in China.

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