Linqing Rural Commercial Bank: The Board of Supervisors took “three measures” to improve the efficiency of branch transformation

In order to give full play to the internal supervision function of the Board of Supervisors, boost the network transformation to achieve actual results.Recently, linqing Rural Commercial Bank board of Supervisors and network transformation internal trainers formed a special research group, in-depth branches to carry out network transformation research work.This research combined the dual track of basic landing and mode innovation, and pushed “three measures” to push the bank’s network transformation work to a new level in 2022.Supervise the efficiency of morning and evening meetings and consolidate the foundation of network transformation.In order to truly and effectively discover the morning and evening meetings of grassroots branches, the research group adopted the mode of “surprise flight” to participate in the opening of the morning and evening meetings of sub-branches, and realized the transformation of 2 on-site branches and 31 remote monitoring branches through “remote monitoring + on-site flight”.The inspection, found that most of the sub-branch, will make full use of ChenXi unified branch development goals, report work progress, strengthening supervision, teaching work, analysis found the problems in the process of customers to visit, solve various jobs, cultivating in joint marketing and some difficulties in the hall activities, combining the performance three cruise table, timely grasp the dynamic employees,Guide the correction of deviation and timely remind temporarily backward employees, fully master the progress and ability of employees in identifying customers, diverting customers, tapping potential customers and maintaining customers.Through the supervision of morning and evening meetings, it is better to upload and release, and timely summary of the purpose.Strengthen process control and implement top-level design of network transformation.In order to improve the level of corporate governance, the board of Supervisors of the bank made full use of supervision measures to carry out the theme activities of each branch hall, and engaged in the activities of backward to advance and backward in the event.By analyzing the participation planning, scheme formulation, activity process, personnel division, online publicity and other links of themed marketing activities, the intelligent marketing system and invitation registration are verified, the themed marketing activities are viewed, the photos and marketing ledger are supervised, the summary of activities is reviewed and the customers who participate in the activities are visited back.A series of measures to effectively serve as a good adviser, set a good example and form a joint force to ensure the solid development of live hall activities, effective, to promote the network transformation to take a good “chess”.Science and technology support, solid development of post management households.For an in-depth understanding of agribusiness bank, post executive work background and after, the bank within the scope of functions and powers of the board of supervisors in a timely manner, hall grid marketing network of fine management, customer post linkage marketing executive, post four levels of dynamic management work process, the goal request, summarize the content such as grooming, improve the executive process,Guide the marketing personnel to implement the marketing action stipulated by the position, and provide reference for accurate service.At the same time, relying on the smart marketing system to maintain customers, supervise all staff to use the smart marketing system for docking, record marketing intention, intention time, marketing records and other contents in detail, and supervise staff daily management progress by checking the “marketing log” of the branch through the smart marketing system.We will strengthen the performance of duties and do a good job in monitoring problems.The board of supervisors office network on the problems existing in the transformation to promote work, parameter establishment of item by item, continue to follow up supervision, to promote the work of staff service consciousness is not strong, weak marketing skills, the lack of business knowledge, implements the continuous supervision to follow up, and lack of risk to carry out the work proposal branch to questioning and rectification within a time limit.The Board of Supervisors will spot check the implementation of the “seven prescribed actions” in each sub-branch to strengthen daily duty performance supervision.Up to now, the board of Supervisors has issued 3 risk tips for morning and evening meetings, 2 tips for staff service standards, 1 tips for hall grid marketing, 3 suggestions for theme marketing activities, 10 employees interviewed, and 1 supervisor responsible.After reviewing the problems, I fed back 4 problems to the board of directors and senior management, and urged them to rectify 4 problems, with the improvement rate reaching 100%.Through the above measures, the Board of Supervisors of the Bank effectively supervised and promoted the progress of the transformation of branch branches, strengthened process supervision and process control, asked the hall for performance and activities for effectiveness, and orderly promoted the rapid implementation of the transformation of branch branches under the premise of controllable risks.(Sun Lingchun) statement: the copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address:

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