Treasure book list | “Japanese cuisine complete guide” to understand Japanese cuisine, advanced food talent

Food is the life of the people.These days, in addition to the Spring Festival to watch the Winter Olympics, but also worth pondering is food.Eat four or five days in a row, bang big!!Waist round!!Thinking about eating something light, accidentally let the Japanese material into the eye, see the bookshelf “Japanese cuisine complete guide”.This is a book that will make you want to eat at a Japanese restaurant.This is also a book that will make you want to open the kitchen door and go in.This is a book that opens the door to Japanese cuisine and lets you enjoy the charm of food.There are 13 key Ingredients in the book, including sushi, Kaiseki, Tempura, tendon, noodle, pot cuisine, Wagyu, crab, izakaya, Asakaya, local cuisine, wagyu, and Japanese wine, to tell you what to eat and how to eat it.At the same time, the food source, type, composition, eating method and so on gradually infiltrate, as well as the restaurant recommendation and the author’s personal eating record, rich and comprehensive, from shallow to deep, from the Japanese small white directly into the Japanese material master.As an ordinary reader, this book helps me to roughly understand the types, eating methods and precautions of Japanese food, understand the eating methods and dining etiquette of Japanese food, and also helps me to preliminarily understand the composition of Japanese food culture.If I dine in Japan again in the future, I will be able to enjoy the ritual feeling of eating Japanese food.1. As a kind of food that is not complicated to make, easy to eat and convenient to carry, sushi is becoming more and more common in our life. There are even many special stores whose main business is sushi.When you open the menu in a Japanese food shop, you can usually see the terms “nigiri”, “warship sushi”, “California roll” and so on, which represent the types of sushi.The first time I went to a Japanese food restaurant, I ordered everything and realized that the sushi was not what I wanted.I ordered the wrong type of sushi because I didn’t understand the classification.So, do you know what California roll is, nigiri, battleship roll, box sushi?”Complete Guide to Japanese Cuisine” opens with an introduction to the types of sushi, introduced the origin of these terms and differences.Next time I go to a Japanese restaurant, I’ll know how to order the sushi I want.2. Sashimi in Japanese stores in China, you can usually see a special sashimi option on the menu, but I did not see an independent chapter about sashimi in the catalog of this book.After reading this book, I found that sashimi is throughout the Japanese material.In the section of “sushi knife method”, introduced what to use flat cutting, what to use thin cutting, this is actually sashimi cutting method.In this book, sashimi is not a completely independent structure, for example, you have sashimi when you make sushi, you have sashimi when you eat crab, you have fish sashimi when you eat fish.The various steps of sashimi have been integrated into different chapters, there is no need to separate them into a separate chapter.The next time you want to eat sashimi, you can combine sushi and pot food to eat them together. It’s up to me whether to choose thick slices or thin slices.If YOU ask me, what kind of food is particularly ritualistic?I remember there are only two kinds, one is French food, the other is Kaiseki.The ritual sense of French food is almost universally recognized and needless to say.In chibi Maruko-chan comics, maruko-Chan’s family goes out to eat French food.To this end, the small meatballs not only put on beautiful clothes, but also for the first time the best bao Bao head in the drama.The strongest sense of ritual in Japanese is kaiseki, which not only has a strict menu order, but also the seasons.For example, eight inches in Kaiseki can be divided into eight inches in spring and eight inches in autumn and winter.Kaiseki really pays attention to ritual, so if you do kaiseki have to remember to do your homework in advance, otherwise it can be really funny.Although we ordinary people are not particular about food, we all know that when in Rome, do as the Romans do. It is fun to eat kaiseki with a sense of ritual.One of our favorite foods is barbecue.The feeling of pulling barbecued food off the solder is amazing.When we have a barbecue, we usually order some cold dishes, such as garlic cucumber, sour and spicy cabbage and so on.Do you have barbecue and salad in it?What is their Japanese name?Siu wu means barbecue and sorrel is a cold dish with vinegar as the base sauce.In different food cultures, food varieties and cooking methods are actually similar, so, understand the similarities and differences between Chinese and Japanese food, and then eat Japanese food, I will know what is good!”Complete Guide to Japanese Cuisine” and gourmets on various types of food notes, are illustrated.There’s a noodle section, there’s a kaiseki section, there’s an izakaya section, and if you want to be a foodie and write a food review, you can refer to the food book.You can even go to different places to try authentic Japanese food.Now you know what you can learn about diet from this book?If you read this book, you will be a master of Japanese news!

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