Jiaoguang reception room | Tender guard on the way of Spring Festival transport

K237 ordinary speed train running from Taiyuan to Shenzhen on the Spring Festival Travel rush.Inside the carriage, the train members come and go, serving the passengers, silently guarding the “Spring Festival transport road”.The safety of passengers is my biggest responsibility. “Make a good inventory of epidemic prevention supplies, wear masks, protective screens, gloves, and do a good job of protection…”On February 6, the lunar New Year at 19 o ‘clock in the evening, Taiyuan passenger section of Shenzhen team two groups of conductor car into a meeting before the ride emphasized.As an important part of taiyuan passenger transport section, Shenzhen team is responsible for the crew work of the k237/238 general speed train from Taiyuan to Shenzhen, passing through Shanxi, Shaanxi, Henan, Hubei, Hunan and Guangdong provinces, stopping at 32 stations along the way, the one-way journey of 2660 kilometers, 37 hours and 47 minutes, nearly 4000 passengers every day.Due to the epidemic, the number of passengers has decreased this year, but the prevention and control standards on trains are not compromised.As a train conductor, Che cheng often uses the word “great” to explain the responsibility on his shoulders.During the critical period of epidemic prevention and control during the Spring Festival travel rush, Che Chengdu requires everyone to arrive at the motorcade half an hour in advance for epidemic prevention and control training, business examination questions, and sorting out the key items of the crew of the post…From the beginning of the pickup, warehouse maintenance, service quality and so on every link is not relaxed.He often said: “to ensure the safety of passengers, everyone can only work hard, not lose the chain.”During the Spring Festival travel rush, in order to ensure the safety of passengers, the conductor will patrol the train every 30 minutes on average, and urge the disinfection of the train every two hours. From the baggage car to the train of 17 cars, a shift of nearly eight hours, walking 20,000 steps, 20 kilometers is normal.”As long as the passengers get on the bus, we must have one mind for the passengers, the safety of passengers, is my responsibility.”Che cheng admitted.Veteran recruit “Conductor, my child has a fever!Can you come and look at it for me?”On January 28, the train to Shaanxi Mengyuan to Henan Mianchi, a passenger in carriage 9 to find the disinfection of the two group of train member Li Huiting, to her for help.”Don’t be afraid, I will take the child’s temperature, if there is a fever we will strictly follow the procedure.”Li Huiting put on protective clothing, comfort passengers, quick steps to the no. 9 car.In car 9, Li Huiting saw a child passenger curled up on the seat, his forehead covered with thick beads of sweat.”I don’t know why it just flared up. It was fine when I got in the car yesterday.”The mother kept stroking her child’s forehead anxiously.”Does the child eat a lot of snacks?”Seeing a lot of snacks on the tray table, Li Huiting asked patiently.From the mother’s intermittent narration, Li Huiting learned that the child ate a lot of snacks.”Certainly have no matter of, you don’t worry, the child digests bad, accumulated food.”Her composure and patience gradually restored the young mother to her composure.An hour later, the child vomited once and the situation was slightly better. Li Huiting helped change the sweaty clothes, and cleaned, disinfected and bagged the contaminated items.Until the train arrived at Mianchi station, mother and child were picked up by medical staff, Li Huiting in the isolation of the camping car, just empty drink saliva, that passengers nucleic acid test negative, she continued to busy.”Just as angels in white watch over the sick and police watch over the people, I will watch over the passengers on my bus.”It is the first time to participate in the Spring Festival transport, is the first time to deal with fever passengers Li Huiting firmly said.It was January 29, the 27th day of the 12th month in the Lunar calendar. Zheng Yuefeng, the conductor of train K238 from Shenzhen to Taiyuan, was inspecting the train as usual.On the way, Zheng kept telling passengers to wear masks, pay attention to the safety of personal property, patrol and observe every carriage, check the doors and Windows with the conductor at every station, put away the bags leaking from the luggage racks, dissuade passengers from smoking in the carriage, and answer all kinds of questions of passengers.”Conductor, there is a cough in our carriage. Take a look.”Carriage six, some passengers are a little nervous.After the discovery of abnormalities, someone immediately found Zheng Yuefeng reflect the situation.”Don’t be afraid. I will take the temperature of the passengers. If there is a fever, we will strictly follow the procedures.”Zheng Yuefeng comforted the passengers.The passenger’s temperature was measured at 37 degrees.After helping the passenger to the isolation seat, he said, “Rest assured, our trains are disinfected every two hours.”Zheng yuefeng comforted the passengers and spread the knowledge of epidemic prevention and control to them to calm down their emotions.”Will I not be able to go home for Chinese New Year?”Looking at the passengers’ nervous expression, Zheng Yuefeng took the initiative to shoulder the “psychological doctor”, “rest assured, nothing will happen, there are many reasons for high temperature, not necessarily the new coronavirus!””You’re so close to me, wouldn’t you be afraid if I did have something?And you won’t be able to go home for Chinese New Year.””If I was nervous and afraid, who would all those passengers on that train believe?This is my duty and my mission.”Zheng yuefeng hugged the passenger and comforted him, saying, “It’s ok. This year we will spend the Spring Festival together.”When the train arrived on time, the passenger was taken to the hospital and confirmed to have a cold. The passenger immediately sent zheng a video to tell him the good news and wish him a safe year of the Tiger.On the road, door inspection, disinfection and spraying, arrival hints, difficulties and help……The 17 cars on the train were the positions they needed to defend.China Traffic Broadcast: elegant correspondent: Wang Rong

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