The smell of the orchard

That is my love, apple garden edge is a quietly flowing river, there is a full of apple orchard, here green wheat field, I let go on the ridge smell there fruit, eyes greedy straight drool.At the end of spring, XIAO Gang and I were classmates. He was the child of the owner of the orchard.It was June, the sweet season of burnt apples, and as he led the way to the apple trees, there were weeds under the ground, and apples that I could catch with one hand dangled before my eyes, pale and green with a touch of dew.Small gang see I stare to see say, don’t worry, have cooked have delicious for a while we pick point.I said, accurate.The sunlight slanted toward the attractive and pleasant branches of the apple.A middle-aged woman passed by in the distance.I said somebody.Xiao Gang relieved to say, don’t be afraid, that is my mother, heart is very good.An two are small voice grumble shout, his mother shout, xiao Gang, who is ah, don’t arrive home to sit.Xiao Gang ran to his mother, he wanted to pick two apples to eat.His mother help messy hair, a pair of kind eyes, melon seed face slightly happy to say, go, there are two sweet to pick points.Small just turn back to pull me at a loss to say, go, go there.I bow his head to pull that big and dense tree before, I dare not pick afraid of branch get fold, small just hold one another to say, give, toward your bag plug.The water was not yet dry, and in a quarter of an hour the book was packed to the brim.I repeatedly said, forget it, full.I touch pull with a hand, a mouth down, sweet water from the mouth dip, thought, really sweet ah!When I turned over the river, xiao Gang waved and I waved.When I was full of home, mother afraid I steal also complain me, too much trouble.After I said xiaogang’s family.She said, that family is the best and kindest!Time passed quickly and the old fruit trees were cut down, leaving patches of good farmland.The old fruity scent is gone.That xiaogang and his mother that affectionate strength that I can not forget for a long time, the country that kind of simple kindness and enthusiasm may never find this life back.

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