Good news!Guo Yu another doubles will be open love, girlfriend skin white beauty quite match

Chinese badminton star Tan Qiang recently posted a photo of himself and his girlfriend on his social media platform during the Spring Festival holiday, announcing their relationship. “In the year of your birth, those who love me, those who love me, should be happy and keep working hard for your dream,” he wrote.As Tan Qiang said, 2022 is the Year of the Tiger, and Tan Qiang was born in the year of the tiger in 1998, so this year is also his birth year.In this year, Tan Qiang also announced his love affair, from the photos can be seen tan Qiang’s girlfriend is very beautiful, the two are a pair of beauty.”Wow, this little sister is really beautiful,” said netizens after seeing the pair.”Have to say that athletes are very good vision, girlfriend is a fairy ah!””, “strong young female friendly beauty, blessing blessing!””, “Have love and career, refueling ah!””Little sister has a little sense of Han fan, beautiful!”Say Tan Qiang girlfriend was also an athlete, but not to play badminton, but in synchronized swimming, it is no wonder that the little sister is so beautiful, know that swimming is also a complete beauty star project, have to say that we really good Tan Qiang’s eyes, both as a player should have a topic!In recent years, Tan Qiang’s career is also gradually walking up the hill, in fact, his career is also very bumpy, can persist until now and shine in the game is also very difficult!Tan started playing badminton at the age of five and was selected to the Jiangsu Provincial team for her outstanding talent in doubles.In 2014, Tan Qiang suffered an injury, the doctor diagnosed that he was not suitable to continue playing badminton, in such a situation, the Jiangsu team had to reluctantly give up him, after leaving the Jiangsu team tan Qiang entered the Anhui team, and also won two gold MEDALS for the Anhui Team in the national youth events in the same year!Well Tan Qiang also successfully entered the country feather, he started and He Jiting team in international competitions, especially in these two years Tan Qiang state is pretty good, in 2019 won the doubles champion of the world military games, shortly before the world championships he also with his teammates had removed the doubles silver medal, he now doubles are packed into the top 20,Although Tan Qiang has not had many good results, he still has a promising future. Come on!

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