Teacher recruitment test make this bridge, how should you cross?

It was February, and the interviews in the second half of last year had not yet finished, and the 2022 exam was about to begin.At present, most of the recruitment is the single recruitment of each region or school, pay attention to sichuan public teacher recruitment network, summarize the recruitment announcement of each college, not miss any recruitment announcement.Of course, keep an eye out for open job openings starting in mid-March.Many people don’t know how to prepare for an exam, so they spend most of their time doing nothing.In fact, the final reason is the lack of understanding of the exam, do not know how to deal with it.Only when we have a clear understanding of the teacher recruitment examination of what, what questions, knowledge scope involves breadth and other aspects of information, can we focus on the preparation.There are many channels to obtain information, such as the recruitment announcement of a place over the years, the official website and so on, can become the channel to explore the teacher recruitment examination.If you do not know how to obtain recruitment information, you can pay attention to sichuan Public teacher recruitment network, group 331490889, you can also attend the announcement booking activities for attention.Once you understand its inner mystery, you are not afraid to lose the clue.You can win a hundred battles if you know yourself and know your enemy, so get moving.Do you feel as if you haven’t reviewed anything in the review process?Is there a sense of knowledge loss?Do you feel the anxiety in your heart getting worse and worse?The occurrence of these phenomena is likely to explain a problem: after understanding the specific details of the exam, not planning a good review plan, but a head into the review of the sea can not extricate themselves.This can only be moved by their own, but unfortunately the opportunity.The right thing to do is:When to know the detailed situation of the test, according to oneself circumstance and time and difficult point of knowledge, completes the review plan, plan to start the reference appendix to the end of the test cycle, daily tasks, as well as for information involving theory, how to reasonable distribution of energy, so every day shall be carried out in accordance with the corresponding plan in an orderly way, naturally for their review,Can also be flexible to deal with the review of the problems.And for the feeling review more and more disorderly questions also go farther and farther.A common misconception is that you are safe as long as you remember everything in the book.So it is easy to review the beard and eyebrows caught the problem, and this will cause limited energy was sharply exhausted.So how do you plan for the future?First of all, in the examination of the corresponding theoretical knowledge is a key point, so the decision in the preparation of the time more energy should be put in the past to test frequency is higher, more difficult to understand the theoretical knowledge, and for other low frequency, easy to understand the theory is allocated less energy preparation.Doing so will also reduce the stress of test preparation.Second, when preparing for an exam, many people think that a solid round of revision is all that matters. However, practical experience shows that for the best learning results, we need to overstudy appropriately.You will be surprised to find that there are always some people, learn more than you than you ruthless, say what what know, but when the exam is not high.Why is that?In fact, the corresponding test-oriented answering skills will also reduce the time pressure when answering questions to a certain extent, and will make up for some vague questions in theoretical memory.There are corresponding skills in dealing with the problems of memorization and comprehension.For example, in the comprehension questions, there is often only one word difference between the concepts that are easy to confuse. At this time, we should pay attention to the key information in the question stem and the options and judge by keywords or information.For example, the questions about the historical era can be combined with the historical background at that time to make reasonable speculation.There are many methods, which need to be accumulated consciously in the continuous problem.When approaching the exam, some examinees due to lack of confidence and other reasons, will unconsciously hint that they are “over, I can’t, can’t take the exam”, or in the examination room was nervous a see their knowledge points directly collapse to give up.So give up, I believe that many people are not willing to.So no matter in the process of preparing for an exam, or near the exam, we should put an even state of mind and deal with it smoothly.If they can do it, you can do it.Don’t always think what you can’t do, you can’t do a lot of things to go to, always think what you can do.Taoism says: “life is two, two three, three living things” for the theoretical knowledge in our mind is also such, knowledge and knowledge are potentially closely related to the existence of the relationship between the preparation for an examination is not blind, review skills, master knowledge is not at all.So relax and don’t scare yourself.How to prepare for the 2022 Sichuan Teaching Recruitment?Pay attention to the recruitment of teachers in Sichuan, take you to know more dry goods

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