The first clinical branch of Heze No. 2 Hospital carried out the “Party members go to the countryside for health” free diagnosis and volunteer service activities

This net news:(Liu Yinmao, Li Hongqiao) On the morning of February 19, 2022, the “Party Member Free Diagnosis Team” of the First clinical Branch of Heze Second People’s Hospital in Shandong province came to Bandipanlou Community, Dingtao District to carry out the “Party Member health to the countryside” free diagnosis and volunteer service activity. The branch organized and arranged carefully.Free consultation and first aid knowledge dissemination activities were organized by experts in cardiology, respiratory medicine, digestive endocrinology, neurology, gynecology, emergency medicine, ophthalmology and surgery.Yizhen site, a branch of the hospital clinical expert patient, enthusiastic service, part of the party members and activists volunteer service for the populace, free to measure blood pressure, blood sugar, and given health brochure, at the same time using propaganda chart and live demonstration, explanation first aid knowledge and operation skills for the populace, the atmosphere is warm, the crowd cheered.The development of the activity, not only to guide and to strengthen the party members to fully service the masses, concerned about the people and thanked the public consciousness, the cultivation of education in the party activists also use practical actions to them a vivid lesson, as well as the branch party member further implement the “do not forget to beginner’s mind, keep in mind that the mission” theme education has important significance.

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