Analysis of harmful side effects of electric toothbrush: these four points must be strictly prevented!

Although electric toothbrush is very popular nowadays, there are still many people who do not believe in the benefits of using electric toothbrush, and even have a great prejudice against it, thinking that it is not clean, IQ tax and so on.So today, oral blogger Chen Chen will compare and analyze the harmful side effects of electric toothbrush, so that we can feel the difference between electric toothbrush and manual toothbrush more intuitively, and know whether it is really worth buying!First, is electric toothbrush worth buying?To understand the harmful side effects of electric toothbrushes, we need to understand the benefits, because electric toothbrushes themselves are widely accepted by dentists.I’ll talk about that again, and then I’ll expand on the side effects.Here I will list the advantages and disadvantages of manual toothbrush and electric toothbrush, so that we can intuitively see the differences between manual toothbrush and electric toothbrush: 1. Advantages and disadvantages of manual toothbrushDisadvantages 1. It is difficult for manual toothbrush to reach the corners of tooth crown and gap, so there will be blind cleaning areas when manual toothbrush is used, leading to some food residues in the mouth, which will evolve into bacteria and dental plaque. However, the cleaning efficiency of manual toothbrush on dental plaque is also very low.Disadvantages 2. In order to achieve the ideal cleaning effect, manual toothbrush must work continuously for about 20 minutes, which is too time-consuming for modern people with precious time.Disadvantages 3. Know that it is difficult to clean the blind area. When using manual toothbrush, you will stay in these areas more, and wash and clean the blind area more forcefully.When the control strength is not good, it is easy to be punctured gums and damaged teeth by sudden increased strength, so manual toothbrush is not very safe to use. Advantages of manual toothbrush: large shopping malls and small shops can buy manual toothbrush, it is very convenient to buy, and suitable for the vast majority of people to use.2. Advantages of electric toothbrush Advantage 1: Electric toothbrush can clean dental plaque more effectively.Electric toothbrush has a very good cleaning ability, even teeth in the teeth, the back of the teeth such as very difficult to clean, can also be very good.According to data, electric toothbrushes are 38% more effective than manual toothbrushes in cleaning dental plaque, which also protects the mouth and prevents various oral diseases.Advantage 2: The lowest vibration frequency of electric toothbrush is tens of thousands of times per minute, while manual toothbrush is only about 350 times per minute. It is difficult to compare the two. The cleaning power of electric toothbrush is dozens and hundreds of times more than manual toothbrush, which can better clean the dirt and stubborn dental plaque of teeth.Advantage 3: electric toothbrush saves more time and effort!It only takes 2 minutes to clean your mouth, and you only need to pan it gently. You don’t need to consider how much force you need to use in any area. It’s much faster and more convenient to use!Advantage 4: the brushing strength of electric toothbrush is uniform, constant, so there will not be suddenly big suddenly small situation.Even brushing also massages your gums to a certain extent, making your gums healthier.After a lot of experiments, when using the electric toothbrush again, it only needs to put the electric toothbrush on the tooth, and does not need to exert too much force. Only using the manual toothbrush 50% of the force can reduce the damage to the tooth by 60%.No matter from the perspective of professional dentists or ordinary consumers, the advantages of electric toothbrush can be judged. In fact, the advantages and disadvantages of manual toothbrush can be fully covered, so the market penetration rate of electric toothbrush will be higher in the future.After talking about its advantages and disadvantages, let’s talk about the harmful side effects of electric toothbrush!There are many advantages of electric toothbrush. Why are there so many posts on the Internet about tooth injury and bleeding of electric toothbrush?Don’t worry, I will introduce you to the electric toothbrush must be aware of harmful side effects.First, let’s take a look at the negative evaluation of the whole network electric toothbrush published by the professional evaluation room. This chart can be said to be very intuitive: This chart shows the harms and side effects of electric toothbrush intuitively and comprehensively.At present, many well-known electric toothbrush brands are blindly pursuing electric toothbrushes with high cleaning power to cater to consumers’ pursuit of cleaning power. However, they are OEM products with domestic brand and do not work hard on technical research and development, resulting in a very high rate of tooth damage.How scary is a super-clean electric toothbrush?Because of the strong shock, the tooth hurts even if it is shaken, and there may be teeth beating and scratching, when brushing teeth, it is extremely uncomfortable, and it will take a long time to buffer the discomfort.If used for a long time, it will lead to the occurrence of chronic tooth sensitivity.Harm side effect 2: frequent bleeding when brushing teeth under normal circumstances, electric toothbrush will not cause bleeding when brushing teeth, but in the case of inferior brush head and substandard roundness rate, the use of electric toothbrush will “brush a mouth of blood”.Because the brush head with poor roundness will be sharp, plus strong friction, gums, teeth will bleed.Harmful side effects of 3: low inferior electric toothbrush flood there are too many undesirable businessman want to preempt the market of electric toothbrush, so selling cheap electric toothbrush to attract consumers, but the low quality of the electric toothbrush, consumers to buy after use, teeth bleeding, periodontal disease, these circumstances, you will feel is bad electric toothbrush.In fact, inferior electric toothbrush is not good, so that consumers have a bad impression of electric toothbrush.Three, the method to avoid electric toothbrush three bad finish the harmful side effects of a electric toothbrush, we will understand it wound tooth problems, but these disadvantages can be avoid by skill and method, the following is my friend in consultation with a professional dentist, and combined with years of experience in science, to everyone suggested several methods: method 1:Many reports have confirmed that the oral status quo of Chinese people is not optimistic, with more than 90% of Chinese people having oral problems of varying degrees.So people clean oral cavity, we must pay attention to cleaning force and gum protection at the same time.But those brands with particularly strong vibration of damaged teeth often advertise their gums and teeth care experience is good. In order to teach you to distinguish, let’s take a look at the comparison chart of cleaning force and comfort published by professional evaluation agencies:My teeth are not good all the time. As a result of my “long illness”, I have tried more than 20 electric toothbrushes one after another. Filix electric toothbrush is my main product at present, which is the most professional toothless brand in China.I learned in professional oral care magazine that it also has a number of exclusive non-damaging black technology, which can reduce the damage of 80% of every brush!In addition to the hidden long-term chronic tooth harm to do a special optimization, so many dentists recommended!If you take a fancy to the cost performance, Shuke can understand the quality of its own, high cost performance.If you are a girl, then you can know Roman, the design of the color scheme is very rich.Among the brands I have seen, Feile has the most honest after-sales service, with a 2-year super long warranty, support for trial and a 5-year brush (140 yuan can be saved every year)!Shuke warranty for 1 year, unsealed non returnable.The Roman family supports a trial but requires a brushing fee and a one-year warranty.A single brush head of brands such as Shuke and Loman costs about 30 yuan, which costs more than 100 yuan a year.Tip 2: Don’t buy products endorsed by celebrities, which is a tax on intelligence. Although celebrities talk a good game about electric toothbrushes when they endorse products, the products endorsed by celebrities are not necessarily very useful, and celebrities don’t necessarily use the products they endorse every day.So consumers need to keep their eyes open and not be fooled by the so-called star power, or they’ll be paying an IQ tax on expensive, unusable electric toothbrushes.Method 3: the need to buy acoustic wave electric toothbrush priority now on the market are mainly popular two kinds of electric toothbrush, one is rotary electric toothbrush, one is acoustic wave electric toothbrush.While rotating electric toothbrushes clean better, they are noisier and wear on teeth more.For us, it is best to choose acoustic electric toothbrush, acoustic electric toothbrush can clean almost all areas in the mouth, a wide range.In addition, the sonic electric toothbrush will improve blood circulation in the mouth.Method 4: Daily attention to the maintenance of electric toothbrush electric toothbrush brush head needs to be replaced every three months, the quality of the brush head will become worse after a long time, we replace the brush head, do not tilt insert, pull out directly, and then directly insert the new brush head can be.1, oral problems are extremely serious teeth have pus, bleeding and other situations, it is not suitable to use electric toothbrush, because the high frequency vibration and strong friction of electric toothbrush will aggravate the severity of these oral diseases.2. As people over 65 age, their teeth become more fragile, and those over 65 are too weak to withstand the high frequency vibrations of electric toothbrushes.Using an electric toothbrush will only speed up the loosening of old teeth and make teeth fall out faster.3. Children under 8 years old In the growing period of children, gums and teeth are very delicate, so the high frequency vibration and strong friction of electric toothbrush are easy to cause damage to gums and teeth.4. Once the occurrence of sudden pain of teeth due to unknown reasons, such as gum redness and tooth loss, shows that your gums and teeth are in an extremely fragile state. At this time, you should suspend the use of electric toothbrush, so as not to be aggravated by the high frequency vibration of electric toothbrush oral disease.Electric toothbrushes can not only keep our oral environment clean, but also make our gums and teeth healthier. Professional dentists have been recommending electric toothbrushes, but they must be aware of the harmful side effects.Through Chen Chen to analyze the harmful side effects of electric toothbrush, I believe that you can also know where electric toothbrush is better than manual toothbrush, and why we choose and use electric toothbrush, in order to avoid the side effects of its hurt teeth, you can also have any questions in the message area, I will do my best to help you answer!

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