Entering the palace at the age of 17 without anyone to rely on, he eventually ascended to the top of the power, revealing the road to the rise of the Empress Dowager Cixi

In the history of thousands of years in our country, there are no number of emperors and generals left their great achievements, but in ancient times, we 䢸 is a patriarchal society, men are superior to women, women’s status is very low.As a shackle, three conformity and four virtues have been oppressing women, making them not only have no position in society, but also a subordinate position at home.Even under such a social system, there are still a lot of women who create their value in the society by their own efforts.They achieved certain status, and some women even became the rulers of the society. We are familiar with the historical figures such as Empress Lu of the Western Han Dynasty and Wu Zetian of the Tang Dynasty.No matter how these people came to power, their lives were brilliant enough and they made a lot of contributions to the country.But there was one empress who ruined the country after she took power, cixi, who ruled from behind the curtain at the end of the Qing Dynasty.How did Cixi rise to power at the age of 17, when she entered the palace without anyone to support her?This has to say her in those days “means”.In 1860, when the Anglo-French allied forces attacked Beijing, Emperor Xianfeng fled to Rehe with his harem and ministers, including Cixi and Cian.In the following year, he died of illness in Rehe Palace. Before his death, he made his son Zaichun the crown prince, and let Su Shun and other eight ministers to assist him in the administration of state affairs together with Cixi Cian.At the very beginning, they went too far in disciplining their ministers. They did not pay much attention to Cixi and Cian.After discussing state affairs themselves, they directly issued an edict to the world in the name of Zichun, which not only infuriated Cixi, but also Cian, who did not care about government affairs, could not bear to watch.Therefore, Cixi and Ci ‘an deliberately refused to seal the imperial edict sent by the minister under orders, or simply withheld it and ignored it.This move made Sushun and others very angry, determined to seal the imperial decree away, when the ministers and Cixi had a fierce fight, Cixi secretly asked the eunuch to invite Prince Gong.When Prince Gong arrived, he was just in time to see the ministers Shouting criticism at Cixi, who could only cry with the young prince.Prince Gong, seeing this, felt very angry and felt that Cixi and her son were so pitiful that he naturally sided with cixi.Seeing that the time was right, Cixi lured Prince Gong into cooperating with her by offering him benefits.Prince Gong was persuaded by Cixi to return to Beijing and mobilize his troops in Beijing and Tianjin, while Cixi, citing the prince’s young age and infirmity, asked her ministers to stay with him in Rehe, and she and Cian carried emperor Xianfeng’s coffin back to Beijing first.The day after they arrived in Beijing, Cixi and Prince Gong issued an imperial edict immediately, arresting the eight ministers who had taken orders and firing them.Within days, the eight ministers were beheaded or exiled in what history calls the “Beijing coup”.When Cixi came to power after the coup, she made Prince Gong the King of Parliament and changed the title to tongzhi, implying that the two empress dowagers ruled together, thus beginning her legendary life.Although both cixi and Cian were the empress dowager, Cixi’s status was more exalted than Cixi’s. Emperor Xianfeng, aware of Cixi’s ambition, secretly left Cian a copy of his will before his death.Xianfeng empowers Cixi to have her punished if she does anything out of line.Cixi usually behaved very obedient To Cian, which let Cian on her guard against the heart, they were in a chat, Cian talked about xianfeng’s edict, and in front of Cixi will be the imperial decree to burn.Cixi surface grateful tears, in fact, the heart of cian deepened preparedness, she was afraid that one day Cian will be detrimental to their own.Cixi was accompanied by a powerful eunuch named Andhai, who was one of her closest confidants and contributed greatly to her success in carrying out the coup.In 1869, Cixi sent him to buy clothes in Jiangnan, where He was detained by Ding Baozhen, the provincial governor of Shandong. Ding reported the incident to the imperial court and asked for instructions on how to deal with Him.At this time, Cixi was not able to attend court due to illness. Cian was very angry when she saw the ceremony, but also to warn Cixi.She to eunuch can not out of the palace on the ground, ordered the end of the sea on the spot, it is a great blow to Cixi, she more see Cian as a thorn in the side.In 1880, cixi and Cian visited the tomb of Xianfeng together. On the way, Cixi reminded cixi that he was his wife and cixi was only a concubine, and that Cixi only became empress dowager because her son became emperor.Cixi pays attention to power and hates others to mention her status, so she quarreled with Cian about order and etiquette.Soon after returning to the palace, Cixi asked the eunuch to send Cian a box of cakes.Thinking that this was an expression of cixi’s respect for her and trying to please her, Cian ate the dessert.That night, Cixi mysteriously died. According to some folk histories, it was because Cixi poisoned her heart that Cian died.In addition to the eight ministers, Tzu an, the empress Dowager took care of another person, prince Gong.Prince Gong had a strong military power and had a strong say in the government affairs. In addition, he set off the Westernization movement, so that he had many supporters in the society.Threatened by prince Gong’s power, Cixi is determined to get rid of him.During the Sino-French War, Prince Gong thought that the existing forces were not enough to resist the French army, and repeatedly stressed that the war could not be fought.However, under the pretext of defending the nation, Cixi turned the public against Prince Gong and accused him of being a traitor.Cixi repeated her old trick, deliberately provoking Prince Gong at court so that prince Gong would loudly scold her.However, Cixi secretly ordered the eunuch to find alcohol prince, let alcohol prince see the false appearance of prince Gong bully himself.In the end, Cixi, with prince Tan’s help, ousted Prince Gong from his high position, leaving Cixi in sole control of the court.Cixi step by step in charge of the court, not by her outstanding talent, she mainly relied on her advantages as a woman, playing a weak woman to win the sympathy of others, but her heart is incomparably cruel, in order to power all means will hinder her people one by one to get rid of.In other words, cixi had to rely on betraying the state again and again to save herself because she did not have enough leadership ability after gaining power.And her life of extravagance, but also caused the world and posterity spit on, become a sinner of history.What do you think about that?

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