Frustrated by the rejection of military aid, Ukraine’s deputy prime minister turned his guns on Hungary

In the face of the Russia-Ukraine conflict, most western countries and the United States have the same approach, no matter big or small countries are imposing sanctions on Russia, although the effects are different, but their attitudes are the same.However, the Western countries have never been “monolithic”, and there are many contradictions within the Western camp.For example, on the issue of sanctions on Russian gas and oil, Germany and the Netherlands and the United States appeared to differ, German Chancellor Schulz even bluntly, Germany will not stop importing oil and gas from Russia at present.Different Europe’s attitude on the question of sanctions against Russia, not every European countries are willing to like the United States, strongly sanctions against Russia, and even South Korea and Japan in northeast Asia to Russia imposed tough sanctions, there are still some European countries choose to cherish friendly relations between Russia and, with Serbia and Hungary is two typical countries.Serbia, an observer of the European Union, and Hungary, a full member, should in theory follow the west’s lead, but they do not.It is reported that The Ukrainian side asked Serbia to condemn and impose sanctions on Russia, but Vucic’s response was very direct.He said Mr. Vucic would consider accepting Ukraine’s offer if it publicly condemned NATO’s aggression against Serbia.Apparently, faced with sanctions against Russia, Serbia has refused.The Hungarian government had earlier said it would not impose sanctions on Russia or provide military aid to Ukraine.Hungary also will not allow any person or country to pass through its territory to send arms and equipment to Ukraine.It is worth noting that Hungary is not only a member of the European Union, but also a full member of NATO.In response to Hungary’s comments, Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Yulia Vereshyuk said on social media that Hungary’s refusal to impose sanctions on Russia, in addition to getting cheaper gas from Russia, is even suspected of “stealing” Ukrainian territory.In his criticism of Hungary, Mr Vereschuk even published a lengthy article in which he said it was likely that The country still coveted Transcarpathian, Ukraine’s westernmost region.Trancarpathia was once part of Hungary in the Austro-Hungarian Empire. After World War I, trancarpathia was transferred to Czechoslovakia and eventually became part of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic after World War II.Part of the information reference source:

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