Queen Sofia is not an 80-year-old woman, wearing a fragrant coat is good spirit, more and more delicate life

After the divorce of his second princess, King Felipe VI of Spain has unexpectedly tested positive for COVID-19, despite wearing a mask and working at full speed.There were only five people working in the family, including the king and his wife, the princess and her sisters, and the old Queen. Apart from the teenage princess, there were only three left to carry out the daily duties of the royal family. However, Europe was basically flat, the king was diagnosed, and the queen’s mother-in-law and daughter-in-law lived as usual.On Valentine’s Day, the 84-year-old queen Sofia made a solo trip to the southern Spanish city of Malaga to attend the Queen Sofia Foundation and its food bank event. It was her first time out of Madrid in 2022, and it was not easy for an octogenarian.However, how much privilege you enjoy, how much effort you have to pay for it. Born in the royal family and brought up in the royal family, you should pay for the royal family all your life. Fortunately, the old lady is in good mental state.She wore a festive red perfume coat, a pink floral “plastic” brooch, black trousers and a chain bag, and kitten heels. In terms of dress alone, it was very festive, very glamorous, appropriate and glamorous.Many fans also lamented that the blue Blood princess, the elegant temperament of the Spanish royal family is too prominent, even commoner, known for thrifty daughter-in-law Letizia.Temperament is bred, and personal experience has something to do with it, but Queen Sofia is not only good temperament, but also thrifty.The blazer she wore was seen during a video conference in 2019, when she wore a white blouse, a light pink floral brooch and a bright poppy brooch, sitting at her desk in the Palace of Zarzuela.Can be the same, a lot of people and I think the queen Sofia’s appearance level Temperament and taste is not so good get, I even thought talks piano not deceive philandering emotional man dejected Irene princess more beautiful than her, but she’s really in each stage has different beauty, and this kind of “beauty” not because the life trivia and dark, that is to say,In my heart, she may not be as bright and conspicuous as her daughter-in-law Letizia, but her heart is especially rich. Although the light emanating from the inside out is not dazzling, it is beautiful and warm enough.When Sofia was engaged to Juan Carlos, she was at her most charming and clever when her appearance was at its peak, and this photo of her three arms shows how happy she was.When I was in Paris with my mother and sister, I was looking for wedding fabrics. When I was facing the camera, my eyebrows were happy, my eyes were smiling, and my mouth was hiding the expectation.After gave birth to three children, in fact, Juan carlos has been unstable, but in summer the family go on vacation, Sophia is not that kind of melancholy straying from Diana and overwhelmed, happy laugh, not happy smile, really bad, she can handle this privately perhaps undercurrent, but the surface is still light.She was friendly with the founder of Valentino and must have traversed countless pulleys, each of which suited her temperament (there are only three of them here).Not only that, as “foreign queen”, she also played “traditional Spanish fashion” very smooth, whether the Spanish “big comb”, or flamenco style gorgeous clothes, she can accurately control, do not see the gorgeous clothes also hidden a Greek soul.As the children settled down and became a grandmother, Sophia experimented more with trouser suits, which, unlike her daughters, were less casual and less professional than her daughters-in-law, combined the elegance of an old princess with that of a queen.Although she is now an octogenarian, with an unreliable husband and children and grandchildren who may not always be around her, she is still stooped, nimble, graceful, tough and well-groomed, and able to maintain good clothes, more than most people in the world.

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