Rich and powerful family abuse love: “Han Su, I now return the heart to you, wish you white head……To the old…”

“Han Su, NOW I return my heart to you. I wish you to grow old…To the old…””Doleful is good” novel introduction: hearsay, Song Can snake scorpion heart, duplicity, by hook or crook, ability is able to be superior, marry Han Su, Han jia did not do even a wedding to her, unfortunately retained the person does not hold heart however, what be destined to keep is live few.The end of love, the blade into the chest.She clenched her teeth and said with a smile, “Han Su, I will give you my heart now. May you grow old…To the old…”Originally, the most cruel picture, is your sweet words.Great content: “Song Can disappeared.”Han Su side head looked at her one eye, light a head, but still straight with Shen Wanting to go out.Su Zi followed him to the door and stopped, turned around and followed sister Liu again, sighing and saying, “Miss Daughter is weak.Just a few steps and you’ll faint.”Sister Liu took a look.Like unintentionally asked: “Han ershao how to come?Also come to see Mrs. Han?””I don’t know. I just looked at Miss Shen and forgot to ask.Maybe, though.I saw the two of them on the phone earlier.I’ll go over there and tell him not to let him get away with it.”Su Zi was about to the past, was sister Liu a pull wrist, said: “didn’t see two little now holding people yao?This estimate also can’t think of what, and according to the way of doing things in Mrs. Han, affirmation early to call two little.He’s busy saving lives right now, so don’t bother.Aren’t you also anxious to deliver something to Mrs. Han?Let’s go.”Sister Liu said, dragging Su Zi to one side.”Oh, Sister Liu, isn’t that Ziqiu’s car?You can save yourself a lot of trouble by telling them to stop as soon as possible.”Fortunately, Su Zi this person has a good memory, entertainment business she can know much, Zhang Ziqiu this red, she naturally understand very thoroughly, she has a few cars in her hand, license plate number she can back out.Woman, gossip is nature, at the beginning because of this idiosyncrasies, Su Zi almost be about to be paparazzi, it is to be put right by Song Can thought later, this ability public relations.Obviously this profession is much better than paparazzi, can know the inside story and black material, and will not be scolded.”Chief stubborn ex-wife” novel introduction: she loves him like maggots attached to bone, he hates her like abandoning me, a political marriage, let them tie, but finally to the Lin family bankruptcy and part company.”Yes.”He coldly threw a divorce certificate in her face;Seven years to pay, in the end nothing, she can not accept, die not to sign;He was cruel and unfeeling, and sent her to other men with his own hands;Her heart was dying and she walked away.Wonderful content: Lin Xia rubs forehead “calculate I beg you, don’t make trouble again ok, this matter let me solve by myself good or not.””Xia Xia, we just want to help you.”Yi Gengdi said he really just wanted to help her.”Yes, yes, YES, I know you want to help me, and I appreciate your kindness, but I have my own plans, and this interference only disturbs them. I beg of you to leave it alone, will you?””What are your plans?”Chu Night asked.”I have my own opinion on the matter; in short, you must stay out of it.”Lin Xia said sincerely looking at Chu Night and Yi Gengdi, they two just want to help her, this she is very clear, also very grateful.But, really do not need, by them such a scene, now she dare not go out.Finally, Lin Xia persuaded Chu And Yi Gengdi, and they agreed not to interfere.Chu Night is ok, calm, have a mind, and Yi Gengdi is a temper hot Lord, do things impulsively, Lin Xia really afraid of him an impulse, and make what more help more busy things.In Yi Gengdi’s repeated assurance, Lin Xia finally relieved to leave.Qin Cangxiu saw the news, Yi Gengdi and Chu Night the two pigs like teammates, actually help more and more busy, forced Lin Xia to this point now, the reputation stink to no.The more I think, the more I can be angry.To recruit Wang Ziling, Qin Cangxiu directly in the most simple and crude way, a huge sum of money to acquire Yingyi Jewelry Co., LTD.I really don’t understand what Yi Gengdi and Chu Night are doing, it is necessary to do so much useless work.Direct acquisition of Yingyi Jewelry Co., LTD., he is their boss, see how that boss can jump.In order to protect her, her brother marries her to a man he has never met.He once said that he would never fall in love with her, but later, I do not know when, she slowly occupied his heart.”Wife, I was wrong, go home with me!””Wife, I can’t sleep without you by my side.””Wife…”Yan Xuan by the man at the moment noisy of a burst of upset, “Mr. Night, we have been divorced!”Great thing: “Don’t go. Stay with me for a while.”Xu is not sleep well, night chenli’s voice some hoarse, tone is not as proud as before.”Let go.”Yan Xuan shook off night Chenli’s hand, in a little far place sat down.”Why did you lock the door last night, you…”Didn’t know you could kick the covers?Clearly has arrived the mouth of the query, but because yan Xuan’s alienation, abruptly of change, “did you kick quilt?”A direct inquiry would have repelled her, and he knew only now how disagreeable the tone was.And he said more than ten years.Night Chenli does not conform to the common sense of words and deeds, let Yan Xuan frowned, which is this sing?What does it matter to him whether she kicks the covers?Leave the door unlocked. What, let him in and out of her room at will?Don’t you know there’s a difference between men and women?Even if she was married, it was fake.Don’t beat around the bush. I won’t tell my brother you pinched me. Just be sure.Is not worried about this, the biggest promise to you, absolutely do not report, lest you talk meandering around, listen to the heart tired.”What are you talking about?I just care about you!”Be yan Xuan misunderstood the meaning in the words, the temper of night Chenli immediately came up.She thought he was afraid she would complain, and that was why he was so attentive to her!After all this time together, can’t you tell he cares about her at all?”I care?Which time you are not under the banner of concern, want to kill me, I suffer a loss to eat in will not play scheming, by you this group of scheming deep people play in applause.”After each warm, she will pay a heavy price, experience that kind of brush with death feeling.I pinched her feet at the swimming pool, and when I got back, I almost got strangled.Last time thunder, accompany her, yesterday was pinched.The above is the novel to share with you today, if you like it, you can click the bookmark to watch it for free, there are wonderful content waiting for you later, we will see you next time.

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