160,000 students in Suiteh County remind their parents not to return home for the time being!

As qingming festival small long vacation is coming, shangqiu Hui County in-depth education department in combination with the current epidemic situation, seize the time node, with “outside the input” and “non-essential not returning home” as the theme, actively carry out “small widening hand – be epidemic prevention and control advocate” epidemic prevention science popularization activities, the county more than 500 primary and middle schools, kindergartens, 16 Wan Xuezi involved,The publicity of “one child affects one family” has been promoted to boost the effectiveness of epidemic prevention and control.”Now we all know that the national epidemic situation is serious, we children must remember to go home from school every day, to the parents or relatives in the field video call, tell them in the field must protect themselves to do a good job of protection, do not come back in the near future.Parents and loved ones at home, must also tell them to take good protection to protect themselves.”This is the epidemic prevention and control course that the teachers of suburban Longfeng Etiquette Kindergarten will conduct to the children every day.With tight the epidemic situation, the kindergarten in the course of small elasticity increased epidemic prevention knowledge at the same time, has also established family members outdoor-workers parameter, encourage children to via video, text messaging, voice and other ways to work outside the family, remind them not need not return, let every child be advocate the small epidemic prevention and control.In addition, the kindergarten has been creative in epidemic prevention and control measures, elaborating and improving epidemic prevention and control emergency plans, epidemic reports, morning check-ups, children’s health management, health education, ventilation and disinfection systems and other epidemic prevention and control work systems.Every day when children enter the kindergarten, they go through a series of procedures such as wearing masks, disinfection and temperature measurement. The kindergarten also sets up three grades of “red, yellow and green” health cards according to the health status of each child, so as to realize dynamic monitoring.”The teacher will give us prevention and control knowledge every day, I want to be a good little propagandist.”Wu Yuhan, a student of Sui County Longfeng Etiquette kindergarten, said firmly.Also in suburban Liuzhuang Primary School, the epidemic prevention and control – I am a little propagandist “as the theme of epidemic prevention and control knowledge popular science class is underway.By enumerating the epidemic situation in many parts of the country and the epidemic prevention and control measures in counties, the teacher popularizes the epidemic prevention knowledge and policies for students.It is understood that there are 11116 students in the sueh county suburb, which is characterized by wide distribution and complex population type.In recent days, suburban central schools responded to the call to carry out activities such as “epidemic prevention and control small classes” and “Little hands holding big hands — fight for epidemic prevention and control propagandists” in four primary and secondary schools and kindergartens under the jurisdiction to help the county win the battle against epidemic prevention and control.”The situation of epidemic prevention and control in the county is still serious. All teachers and students in our township actively communicate with their parents in various forms to advise those who have no opinion and those who are away from home not to return. Through such an activity of ‘little hands holding big hands’, every student will become a little propagandist for epidemic prevention and control.”Cao Hongtao, principal of Sui County Suburban central School, said.Disclaimer: This article is reproduced for the purpose of conveying more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: newmedia@xxcb.cn

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