Bank of China Wenzhou Cangnan County branch to a full range of financial services to the local economy and society

Development bank of China wenzhou cangnan county branch by the high quality as the center, cohesion demonstration area construction and common prosperity, in order to enhance the economic transformation of service ability, market competition ability, innovation ability, risk control ability and the party leading ability as the goal, the practice of “one county in fujian, area feature, a line of a scheme”, in the county financial continuously deepening,All-round and multi-dimensional financial services to help cangnan county local economic and social high-quality development.Focus on industrial upgrading cangnan hardware manufacturing enterprise, is a specialized and special new enterprise, international leading technology level, best-selling products at home and abroad.Limited by the scale of the original leased plant, the enterprise’s capacity expansion is limited. It plans to expand production and upgrade by building new plants.However, the new plant relocation project just started, hit the global epidemic, foreign receivables are trapped, production and operation capital is tight, not only can not move the new plant as scheduled, the capital chain is also possible to break at any time.After learning of this situation, The Bank of China Wenzhou Cangnan Sub-branch immediately established a “specialized and special new” service team, timely communication and linkage with superior branches, and tailored the portfolio credit program. On the one hand, the introduction of Wenzhou Financing Guarantee Company to guarantee the enterprise to provide 10 million yuan of working capital loan, on the other hand,A five-year fixed asset loan of 50 million yuan was provided in the form of mortgaging projects under construction, which met the urgent needs of the enterprise’s production and construction of new plants in a relatively short period of time, and greatly accelerated the transformation and upgrading of enterprises and the expansion of production scale.Recently, the two-way fluctuation of exchange rate has intensified, and the demand for hedging exchange rate of foreign trade enterprises has become increasingly obvious.Cangnan import and export enterprises due to the recent two-way fluctuations of the US dollar exchange rate is strong, delayed payment of goods, working capital is tight, the low spot settlement of foreign exchange is obviously “loss”, and the long-term settlement of foreign exchange needs margin guarantee.In view of this situation, the Bank of Wenzhou Cangnan County branch came to the door for its “exchange rate preservation credit”, the enterprise within a week to obtain 3 million credit lines, specifically for enterprise long-term exchange settlement.”Exchange-rate preserved credit” is a financial service program that gives certain counterparty credit risk quota based on customer import and export customs data.Small and micro enterprises are not only exempt from payment of margin, but can carry out exchange rate hedging transactions such as long-term settlement and sale of foreign exchange, which reduces the cost of enterprise management of exchange rate risk.For example, a customer of a foreign trade enterprise in Cangnan has accumulated 6.9 million US dollars in cangnan Sub-branch of the Bank of China to do “exchange rate preserved credit loans”, which not only saved more than 700,000 yuan of financial costs, but also avoided the risk of large fluctuations in the US dollar during the Russia-Ukraine war.In the face of repeated outbreaks this year, The Cangnan Sub-branch of The Bank of China in Wenzhou insisted on making good use of the “Inclusive small and Micro loan support tool” to help market players affected by the epidemic.Mr. Huang is a non-staple food store operator, due to the impact of the epidemic has a greater demand for funds.After investigation and interview, the bank handled a “merchant convenience loan” of 500,000 yuan for Mr. Huang.By the end of February 2022, cangnan Sub-branch of bank of China had provided inclusive loans to more than 2,000 small and micro businesses, small and micro business owners, and individual industrial and commercial households, providing 1.85 billion yuan of inclusive loans.At the same time, the bank adheres to cangnan, deeply integrates the construction of inclusive scenes with traditional fisheries in Cangnan, and launches the “agricultural and fishery loan” featured service program to help rural revitalization.Due to the large investment and high risk of traditional fishery production, and the lack of adequate and effective real estate collateral for loans, many fishermen are faced with the dilemma of “one loan is hard to get”.However, the business of “agricultural and fishery loan” adopts the guarantee mode of fishing boat mortgage, which breaks through the traditional mode of single property mortgage and meets the fund needs of fishermen in fishery production and daily operation activities. It has been recognized and praised by the majority of fishermen.By the end of February 2022, the bank had issued 332 “agricultural and fishery loans” with a total amount of nearly 430 million yuan.Adhere to Green Finance In recent years, The Cangnan County Branch of The Bank of China in Wenzhou has actively implemented the concept of “carbon peak and carbon neutral”, effectively increased the effective credit input to low-carbon environmental protection industry, and effectively improved the level of green financial services.At present, the bank is actively promoting all kinds of innovative products such as “carbon hero loan” and “carbon benefit loan” in the whole municipality. It has cooperated with the County Economic and Information Bureau to row 108 enterprises on the rules and formulated exclusive credit programs for enterprises with high per mu productivity and high carbon efficiency evaluation.In the next step, the bank will visit and investigate these key enterprises and implement household by household according to their needs, so as to further reduce the financing cost of enterprises and comprehensively improve the energy efficiency level of the society.Meanwhile, Cangnan Sub-branch of bank of China actively integrates into the new development pattern of “double cycle”, implements the national green development strategy, and vigorously supports enterprise clean energy projects.In the past two years, we have successfully granted credit for cangnan Sanao nuclear power project, Cangnan no.1 offshore wind power project and Cangnan no.4 offshore wind power project, with a total amount of 44.3 billion yuan.At present, the bank of China Wenzhou Cangnan County branch has accounted for 30% of the total green credit in the county, in its own way.

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