Setting up the “three preconditions” for unification is benevolent but inappropriate, objectively conducive to “Taiwan independence”

It is an indisputable fact that the situation across the Taiwan Straits is becoming increasingly tense.The Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council has long singled out “Taiwan independence” forces and their activities as the culprits, and said that there will be no room for “Taiwan independence”.As a matter of fact, the Tsai Ing-wen administration and the INTERVENTIonist forces in the United States have taken the unremitting efforts for peaceful reunification of the mainland as a kind of basis for “sausage-cutting” provocation.Under such circumstances, two obvious changes have taken place: on the one hand, more and more Chinese people are calling for a military solution to the Taiwan question;On the other hand, the PLA is becoming more and more prepared to achieve reunification by thunder.If the most ideal way of peaceful reunification cannot be realized, it is absolutely impossible to swallow the bitter fruit of the division of the motherland. Otherwise, why should the PLA be used?This time, see the former director of the Shanghai east Asia institute ZhangNianChi in the evaluation of foundation, a think-tank sponsored China review monthly January) published articles on “China’s historical mission and the Taiwan issue, in addition to the mentioned very desirable to establish a unified law, set up for the final reunification across the strait” three “premise is very surprising!At first glance, these three points are all benevolent. First, they should promote social progress and the development of productive forces, make the country more prosperous and strong, and contribute to national rejuvenation and integrated development.Second, to let the unified party happy people, get more benefits and interests, so as to jointly create a better home;Third, it should be understood, sympathized with, supported and reassured by the international community, rather than anxious and afraid.Former director of the Shanghai east Asia institute ZhangNianChi although bodhisattva heart, but it was the biggest surprise: wrong, make an effort in the wrong direction, subjective was very kind, put yourself in the moral high ground, but objectively help tsai ing-wen, authorities and the external interference forces continue to cut the sausage, and will become pervasive!!!!For this problem, we might as well from the following four aspects to think, to ensure the complete reunification of the motherland to form a joint force!First, timing is the biggest strategy.I really believe that, once the reunification across the strait, finally can fully meet the three points into action (” if “, that is to say, either way to achieve unification of Taiwan, is absolutely better than the division of the state, can promote social progress and productivity development, also can benefit the people of Taiwan and heart yue people, must also win international understanding, compassion, support, and peace of mind.When it comes to the anxiety and fear of the country and society, it involves the issue of position. We unify our country, what are the anxieties and fears of others?If similar to the thief afraid of the police, corrupt officials afraid of discipline inspection commission, that should not be?I really don’t understand the meaning of this premise.Therefore, under the severe situation where the Tsai Ing-wen administration and the INTERVENTIonist forces of the US and Japan are intensifying their provocations and constantly challenging the bottom line of “one China” by “cutting sausages”, the three premises are tantamount to tying one’s hands and feet. As an authoritative statement, it is likely to lead to even worse consequences of provocations.Second, centripetal force to the central strategic intention is the biggest strategy.The mainland’s attitude towards the two sides has been very clear, that is to make unremitting efforts for peaceful reunification, but this is a matter of the means of reunification, complete reunification of the country, is the only goal!Therefore, no matter what views are conducive to the reunification of the two sides, they are consistent with the Central government.The premise of “three points” mentioned by Zhang Nianchi is, in fact, fully covered by the central Government’s constant efforts for peaceful reunification. It is precisely for the well-being of people on both sides of the Straits that we have made unremitting efforts in the best interests of people on both sides of the Straits and the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation that we have not easily appealed to war.However, the Tsai Ing-wen administration is also taking advantage of this to make waves without scrubling, to the extent that the general public can not bear to watch.At such a time, if the “three premises” are solidified, it is equivalent to the reunification of the decision in the hands of the unified, or even the international community, that is to exclude the way of reunification by force. How outrageous!Third, the biggest strategy is to warn the Tsai Ing-wen administration and the US and other external interfering forces to prevent them from making reckless moves.We often talk about “promoting reunification by force”, which is exactly the reason why we do not give up the means of force, just to guarantee the bottom line for reunification.The PLA soldiers grind day and night without rest during the Spring Festival. Why?It is not only to enhance the fighting ability, but also to display the fighting spirit.After all, it is to deter the Tsai Ing-wen administration and external interference forces such as the United States and Japan.To make it clear, once the PEOPLE’s Liberation Army dares to touch the three red lines of the Anti-Secession Law, it has the determination and capability to achieve reunification with thunderous force, and all interference will be ruthlessly eliminated!That’s deterrence!If China were Iraq, the US would already be in Taiwan!Fourth, clear their own identity, positioning and mission, is also the biggest strategy.I have always believed that the international game is an integrated joint operation, with different views and voices, but the purpose is the same.For example, on the Taiwan Straits issue, peaceful reunification at the national level is an unremitting endeavor, but at the military level, military preparations and deterrence must be made. Otherwise, the opposite shore and the other side of the ocean will steadily engage in provocations, and there will be no military risk.Zhang Nian-chi is the former director of the Institute of East Asian Studies in Shanghai. He also published a special article entitled “China’s Historical Mission and the Taiwan Question” in the monthly Magazine China Review, which is sponsored by the China Review Think Tank Foundation. Both are important positions, authoritative platforms and important topics.In any case, it is certain that once the Tsai Ing-wen administration dares to become independent, even if it affects the development of productive forces, even if it is not satisfied by reunification, and even if the international community does not understand, sympathize with, support and set its mind at ease, the PLA will reunify China with great momentum!What’s more, it is impossible to convince die-hard “Taiwan independence” elements and some Taiwanese who have been poisoned by Tsai ing-wen’s ideology for years, and to make the United States and Japan understand, sympathize with and support the reunification of the two sides.Note: The author of this article is Qin ‘an, the founder of “Qin ‘an Strategic Think Tank”, and the original work of this platform. In the New Year, I wish you all victory over the epidemic, containment of hegemony, and a better future together.

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